Ufone Balance Check Code 2023 | Ufone Advance Balance Code 2023

Today in this article, we will talk about Ufone Balance Check Code 2023 and Ufone Advance Balance Code 2023. We will know all the answers to the Ufone Balance Check Code 2023 and Ufone Advance Balance Code 2023. So stay with this article to know in more detail.  

Ufone started operating there in 2001. It depends on the people of Pakistan and works to promote their users by encouraging them, at a discounted cost, with the necessary communication resources that allow users to do far more than talk.

Ufone delivers clear sound and the strongest network, along with the cheapest call prices. The telecom company provides its customers with simplified rates without hidden costs. You will get to read about the Ufone balance check-in today’s article.   Ufone is one of Pakistan’s leading mobile operators.

As a result of PTCL’s reform, it became a member of Etisalat in 2006. As a result, Ufone delivers impressive call and messaging packages at cheap prices for its users. For pre-paid and postpaid users, it provides many amazing packages. UAdvance also allows you when you are getting out of Balance.  

Ufone now operates the fastest increasing 3G network in Pakistan and has wireless coverage in 10,000 areas. It has wireless coverage across the whole of Pakistan’s main highways. In addition, the company appeals to more than 288 live networks in more than 160 countries for International Calling.    

How to Check Ufone balance 2023

If you have your account recharged and want to check the Balance of Ufone Sim, but you do not remember how to check the Balance of Ufone, follow the steps below:  

CheckDial Code
Current Balance*124#

    To check the current Balance, go to the phone directory and dial *124#. Wait for several seconds now, and then you will be able to see on the screen the remaining Balance.   For all Ufone Prepaid customers with any package, this offer is available.    

Ufone Advance Balance Code 2023

Ufone is offering you the Rs: 20/- a loan that is eligible to all subscribers to Ufone if the Balance goes under Rs. 11.95.    

UAdvance for Pre-Paid users:

  • From your prepaid number, dial *456#
  • If you recharge the next time, Rs. 4.40, including tax, will be deducted as well as the advance balance
CheckDial Code
Advance Balance*456#

UAdvance for post-paid users:

Postpaid users can now take advantage of the Ufone Advance Balance service opportunity. The specifics can be reviewed below:   

Dial code: *229#

Charges: Rs. 5 + taxes

Conditions & Terms:

Using the only SIM provided through biometric verification – PTA, the SIM is your identification.  


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