UAE Releases Hundreds of Pakistani Prisoners in Ramadan

In response to a request by Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Faisal Tirmizi, the UAE has freed 325 Pakistani detainees during Ramadan.

According to Geo News, the Pakistani Ambassador submitted a letter to UAE President Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan requesting the release of Pakistani inmates accused of minor crimes.

The Pakistan Association Dubai, an overseas Pakistani community, commended Faisal for his efforts in repatriating the prisoners.

According to Faisal, he enjoyed iftar for the first time with 65 Pakistani detainees in the UAE. He made these comments at a gathering for Pakistani ex-pats at the Abu Dhabi Embassy. Many Pakistani professionals, including engineers, physicians, teachers, lawyers, and pilots, attended the event.

Faisal also promised to improve legal services for Pakistanis in the area, admitting that more effort is needed. He invited lawyers to assist the diplomatic mission with legal advice.

He also asked doctors to arrange a free medical camp for laborers in Abu Dhabi, emphasizing that the embassy is willing to assist the Pakistani community in any way it can.

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