Sindh Schools & Colleges Open After Summer Vacations

Due to the summer holidays, all government and private schools and institutions in Sindh province were closed. After the summer holidays, all public and private educational establishments reopened Tuesday. Students were less present on the first day of the new academic year than on other academic days. Students may obtain the most recent information on Sindh Schools & Colleges Reopening After Summer Vacations.

The next school year of 2023-24 begins on this date as well. It is also worth noting that textbooks for certain courses are not accessible in the market owing to a dispute between publishers and the Sindh Textbook Board.

According to reports, the Sindh Textbook Board enforced the requirement of placing bar codes on textbooks, causing publishers to encounter significant challenges. The board issued the order for the book’s publication very late, and then the requirement of the bar code was enforced, causing an extraordinary delay in the printing of these textbooks.

Saad Naseem

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