Sindh Education Department Ban on Physical Punishment in Private Schools

The Sindh Education Department has enforced a complete ban on corporal punishment across all private schools. This proactive measure is aimed at ensuring the safety and welfare of students within educational institutions.

The initiative is spearheaded by Ahmed Khan, the Additional Director of the Education Department. Khan has expressed serious concerns over the growing instances of corporal punishment in schools. He underscored the department’s unwavering commitment to fostering a safe and conducive learning environment for students.

The prohibition on corporal punishment has been incorporated as a crucial element in school registration certificates, reflecting the department’s dedication to student safety. The department is vigilant in ensuring strict compliance with this regulation and holds schools accountable for their actions.

Rafia Javed has voiced strong support for this move. Javed stated emphatically that any educational institution found violating this prohibition would face legal consequences. She also urged parents to promptly report any incidents of physical punishment.

The 2005 legislation empowers the Education Department to potentially revoke the registration of schools that consistently violate this prohibition, highlighting the seriousness with which this issue is being addressed. This authority underscores the department’s commitment to enforcing the ban and holding schools accountable for their conduct.

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