SBP to Issue Rs 50 Commemorative Coin on Golden Jubilee of 1973 Constitution

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan’s Constitution will celebrate its Golden Jubilee in 2023.

To celebrate this historic occasion, the Federal Govt has authorized the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) to produce an Rs. 50 Commemorative Coin.

From April 14, 2023, the coin will be distributed through the exchange counters of all SBP Financial Services Company field offices (Friday).

The Pakistan Constitution, often known as the 1973 Constitution, is Pakistan’s ultimate law, designed to regulate Pakistan’s law, political culture, and system. It establishes the framework for the state and helps to enshrine and preserve the population’s fundamental rights, guaranteeing the security of all Pakistanis.

The coin is round in shape, has a size of 30.0 mm, weighs 13.5 grams, and is made of Cupro-Nickel metal (Copper 75% & Nickel 25%).

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