Photo of Bold New Tesla Model 3 Leaked

The Tesla Model 3 has a large fan base all around the world. Photos of a new Tesla vehicle have gone popular on social media, sparking suspicion that the vehicle in the photographs is a new Model 3.

Tesla has been integrating its big casting technology into the Model Y for a few years now, with single large casting parts replacing hundreds of parts in the electric SUV.

This new technology has helped Tesla in increasing Model Y production efficiency over Model 3. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, stated that the Model 3 will receive the same technology, but did not provide a date.

Tesla couldn’t afford to slow Model 3 manufacturing while ramping up Model Y production. Now that Model Y manufacturing has surpassed Model 3 production, Tesla may upgrade the Model 3 with technology.

In December, California tested a carefully concealed Model 3 prototype. Soon later, another prototype was discovered in the same vicinity. The prototypes’ front and back camouflage made identifying Model 3 alterations difficult.

The latest shot of the Tesla Model 3 update, as some are calling it, reveals the vehicle’s revised front appearance. The photograph was shared without attribution on the Tesla subreddit.

tesla model 3 leak 2

It’s possible that this is a Tesla refresh prototype or a car with a body modification. People are loving what they’re seeing and are looking forward to the unveiling of the new Model 3.

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