PBCC 1st Year Admission 2023 Revised Schedule

The Punjab Board Committee of Chairmen (PBCC) in Lahore has announced a revised schedule for the 1st Year Admissions 2023. The process is applicable to students seeking admission into the 11th grade in higher secondary schools and colleges affiliated with the PBCC across the Punjab province.

According to the updated schedule, students can submit their registration forms along with the regular fee from August 12, 2023, to October 5, 2023. For those who miss this deadline, an extended period has been provided from October 6, 2023, to October 20, 2023. During this extension, students can still submit their admission forms, but they will be required to pay a late fee of Rs. 600 per student.

PBCC 1st Year Admission 2023 Revised Schedule

The PBCC has emphasized the importance of adhering to these deadlines and has provided clear instructions on how to complete the registration forms. This extension offers students an additional opportunity to secure their admissions within the given timeframes.

This announcement comes as part of the PBCC’s ongoing efforts to streamline the admission process and ensure that all eligible students have ample opportunity to apply for admission. The revised schedule reflects the board’s commitment to providing flexible and accessible education opportunities for students across the province.

Students and parents are encouraged to visit the official PBCC website for more information and updates regarding the 1st Year Admission 2023 Revised Schedule.

Download Schedule Here

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