OnePlus 12 Smartphone: A New Flagship Set for Launch in December 2023 in China

OnePlus is preparing for the launch of its much-awaited flagship device, the OnePlus 12. Reliable sources have indicated that the Chinese market will witness the debut of this new model in December 2023, with a global release slated for early 2024.

The OnePlus 12 has been the subject of numerous speculations and leaks, providing potential buyers with a glimpse into what they can expect from this upcoming device. The smartphone is rumored to boast impressive fast charging capabilities, including 150W wired and 50W wireless charging options, setting a new standard in the industry.

In terms of display, the OnePlus 12 is expected to feature a 2K curved OLED screen, complete with a centrally positioned punch-hole selfie camera and slim bezels. This design element is likely to enhance the user experience by offering a larger, more immersive viewing area.

The overall design of the OnePlus 12, as suggested by recent renders, seems to follow the aesthetic of its predecessor. It is anticipated to have a sleek, glossy black body complemented by the brand’s signature sandstone finish.

Underneath its stylish exterior, the OnePlus 12 is speculated to be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset. This advanced processor promises to deliver superior performance and power efficiency, making the device a powerful contender in the high-end smartphone market.

The OnePlus 12 is also expected to come equipped with a periscope lens and an upgraded imaging sensor, which should significantly enhance its camera capabilities.

In addition to the OnePlus 12, the company is reportedly developing its first-ever foldable phone, named the OnePlus Open. Although initially rumored for an early August release, recent updates suggest a late August announcement.

As the official launch date of the OnePlus 12 approaches, more details about the device are expected to emerge, providing consumers with a clearer picture of what to expect from this highly anticipated smartphone.

Ahmad Ali

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