Elementor 2023 Managed WordPress Hosting

Elementor has come a long way since it was first launched as a free page builder 6 years ago.

Elementor has grown to lead the web with more than 8% of total websites in the world, who are using Elementor and WordPress. Providing web creators with the ultimate tools for building websites using WordPress visually, no code needed. 

In 2022 Elementor officially launched a WordPress Hosting solution that combines everything needed to build a WordPress website: Managed Hosting + Elementor Pro Builder + Theme. All under one roof, optimized to work together better and seamlessly with Elementor Website Builder.

Best Hosting for Elementor Website Builder

Elementor Hosting unleashes the true power of Elementor, where everything is under one roof and optimized to provide the best results and seamless web creation experience of building, managing and deploying WordPress websites.

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Works better!

Elementor is a Managed WordPress Hosting, optimized to work best with Elementor Pro builder and Hello theme. You get seamless updates of new features, fixes and improvements, optimized WP admin, all together tailored to provide maximum performance and experience.

Top performing & scalable

Elementor’s Hosting is built on a powerful, cloud-based infrastructure that ensures fast loading times and smooth navigation for your website visitors. 

Including Cloudflare CDN to improves your site’ load time by reducing the distance between a client and the requested data, improves server-side infrastructure performance by efficient load balancing, and reduces data transfer

Elementor’s hosting is scalable, meaning your website’s resources will automatically scale according to your traffic needs. Unlike shared hosting, each Cloud hosting account is isolated from one another so your website won’t be affected by anything that happens elsewhere. Because resources can flex up or down as needed, Cloud hosting is the perfect solution for delivering fast-loading websites even during high traffic surges. 

Hassle-free hosting platform

Elementor Managed Hosting solution streamlines the process of web creation by taking on the responsibility of server maintenance and security for you. With 99.9% uptime, Powered by Google Cloud, you get top performing, reliable and secure websites. 

You can Manage, build and scale your websites in the most efficient and optimized way. Leverage hosting features such as Staging, Custom domain, Email authentication and more. 

Secure and Reliable

You get a free SSL and integrated security layers, all monitored by our team to make sure your websites are safe from malicious activities. With an Elementor hosted website you get updates and fixes before everyone to make sure Elementor Pro is running smoothly, and secured. You also get auto backups to make sure you can always restore in case of need.

Elementor Pro Website Builder – Included!

Every Elementor Hosting plan includes the Elementor Pro Builder plugin, pre-installed, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of all Pro widgets, features and library, and build fully responsive, pixel perfect websites, no coding needed.

Elementor Pro unlocks the ability to fully manage and customize every part of your website.

You get Theme builder, 90+ Widgets, 300+ Kits templates and blocks and WooCommerce store builder. You also get professional marketing tools such as Pro Forms and Pop-ups builders.

Take advantage of Dynamic content and loop builder and build your own custom listings, posts, and rich content websites. You get even more access to your website allowing you to add your own custom CSS and code, custom fonts, integrations and more .

Take your website to the next level with advanced design capabilities and make your website stand out using Elementor’s pro features and tools:

  • Drag & Drop Editor

The Editor is built to facilitate any design you’d like to achieve with full control over the page layout. You can drag any number of containers to the canvas and lay them out to achieve the desired page structure. Into each of the Containers, you can drag any of the widgets to add content, and design it down to the last pixel. 

  • Theme Builder

Control every part of your website and manage it easily, from headers to footers, archive pages and article pages to your custom content loops.

editor theme builder set conditions
  • 90+ Pro Widgets

Get all Pro and Core widgets to build the design and functionality you need for your website.

  • Library of 300+ of pre-designed kits, templates and blocks

Gain access to hundreds of professionally designed Kits, templates and blocks available and customize to your needs to get your website ready in no time.

editor kit library.png
  • WooCommerce Store builder

Expand the customization options of standard WooCommerce with Elementor’s WooCommerce Builder. Create professional, ecommerce storefronts with intuitive, drag and drop editing and no need for custom code. 

editor archive product editing 2.png
  • Form builder

Build impressive forms that capture data entered by visitors and stored in your Elementor account, or integrate your favorite marketing & CRM tools.

editor form editing
  • Pop-up builder

Build beautiful pop ups that stands out and decide how and when to show it

editor popups edit popup.png
  • Loop builder

Create your own templates for repeating, dynamic content such as listings, portfolios, catalogs and more.

editor loop builder.png
  • Advanced motion effects and interactions

Add motion and animations to create an engaging website experience

  • Dynamic content anywhere

Design your website and populate the content using Elementor’s Dynamic Widgets and Tags.

  • Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with your favorite marketing and CRM tools. From social networks to email marketing software, Elementor has the complete set of integrations for your business.

  • Custom Code and CSS

Add your own CSS or Code snippets around your website to unlock even more design and functionality capabilities using Elementor.

editor custom css.png
  • Custom Fonts

Upload your custom fonts and use them across all text widgets in Elementor

wp admin custom fonts.png
  • Collaboration Tool – Notes

Leave comments directly within the Editor or front-end when working together with your team or clients.

editor notes.png

Hello Theme

Hello Theme is 100% tailored to Elementor. It works in pure harmony with Elementor website builder and minimizes the need for other plugins.

Experience lightning-fast page load speed and a clean, modern design with Hello theme, the perfect foundation for Elementor based websites.

Award winning 24/7 Support

As an Elementor hosted website you get 24/7 support from our customer success team that will help you succeed both with your hosting and Elementor Pro builder challenges, without a hassle. You can trust our award winning team to help you quickly and efficiently.


Elementor offers 4 WordPress Hosting plans: 2 singles and 2 multi (3 and 10), that bring great value for web creators, providing robust Hosting, Pro builder and theme altogether. There are no hidden fees, no surprises.  

Elementor plans

The new Elementor Hosting plans were made to provide solutions and match the different needs of web creators on their journey, and allow them to scale easily. 

The new plans vary in the number of websites, resources and features available:

  1. Basic: 1 Hosted website + Elementor Pro + Theme, and basic resources. ($9.99/m for 1st year) 
  2. Business: 1 Hosted website + Elementor Pro + Theme, including Staging and boosted resources for WooCommerce websites. ($19.99/m for 1st year)
  3. Grow: Up to 3 Hosted websites + Elementor Pro + Theme, including Staging and boosted resources. ($29.99/m for 1st year)
  4. Scale: Up to 10 Hosted websites + Elementor Pro + Theme, including Staging and extra more resources! ($49.99/m for 1st year)
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Existing users will be able to renew their current hosting plan.

Who is it for?

Elementor Hosting plans accommodates a wide range of use cases for both beginners and professionals alike. From Designers who want to showcase their portfolio, businesses sell online worldwide and Marketers to agencies who build for their clients. 

Scaling is made easy with Elementor Hosting. Beginners can enjoy a quick start with Kits and get their design ready within a glimpse, professionals can build and customize everything.


Elementor Hosting is a powerful solution for building and managing WordPress websites. When combining all the features of Elementor hosting plans which includes the Pro Website Builder, Theme and Support, you get an all-in-one, optimized solution at a reasonable price.

It’s for anyone who wants to build and manage professional, visually compelling websites using WordPress, without the need for coding, with the added benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting, top performance & security, and seamless experience.

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