Microsoft Loop Is Now Available on More Phones

Microsoft Loop, like Notion or Google Workspace Spaces, went into public preview previously this year as a new collaboration notes product. The public test was restricted to a desktop browser app, but mobile apps are gradually becoming more widely available.

Loop already had Android and iPhone applications (the Android one appeared later), but they could only be used with work or school accounts. Microsoft has recently upgraded the applications to accommodate personal Microsoft accounts, allowing anybody to try them out.

Microsoft Loop is a project management and notes program that could be used alone or in collaboration with others. You can give people access to a workspace using websites that synchronize changes in real time, such as Google Docs. Text, photos, tables, task lists, and other interactive components can be added to pages, and comment threads can be included for discussions with other participants. The mobile applications are more useful for checking in on your projects than for long editing sessions, but they’re still useful.

image 1

The Android program is generally available on the Google Play Store, the iPhone app is still in a complete TestFlight beta program. The loop should be available as a standard App Store app soon. allows you to try it on your PC.

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