Is Wahlburgers open on Christmas Day 2022?

There are so many things to do at Christmas like shopping for gifts, decorating, baking cookies and watching Christmas movies. It can take a lot from someone. Just ask Santa!

To help, we’ve made a list of Wahlburgers open on Christmas Day 2022? Think of it as a gift from us.

To be safe, call the restaurant you’re going to before you leave the house.

Is Wahlburgers open on Christmas Day 2022?

If you want to feel “Fancy Like” on Christmas Day, head to Wahlburgers near you. Most places will be open, but call ahead to be sure.

We already know that the answer is a resounding yes, as they are known to be open all year. We had to check this out for ourselves (and for you), though. Even the team member says they will be open on Christmas Day.

Again, that means we can get “good fast food” on December 25 thanks to Wahlburgers and their regular menu. And yes, that means we can have Patty Melts or omelettes on Christmas Day. As usual, they will have their famous breakfast all day long.

So if you want to have breakfast or dinner at Christmas but don’t want to cook it yourself (if you’re near a Wahlburgers), you’re in luck.

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