FPSC Releases Test Answer Sheet for CSS Exam 2024

Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) has taken a step in the Special CSS Competitive Examination 2024 process by releasing the answer key for the preliminary test (MCQs) based MPT Test. This release is particularly important for candidates who sat for the exam on November 19, 2023, as it allows them to gauge their performance ahead of the results.

The MPT Test serves as an initial screening and assessment of the candidate’s knowledge and understanding, which is crucial for advancing to the stages of the Special CSS Competitive Examination. With the distribution of the answer sheet, candidates are provided with a means to review their responses and gain insights into their potential scores.

FPSC CSS Exam 2024 Answer Keys

The context does not provide specific details about the content of the answer sheet or the number of questions it covers. However, it emphasizes the anticipation and anxiety among candidates who are eager to know how they fared in the examination. The answer sheet can be accessed through a link provided, but the link itself is not included in the context.

Download Answer Keys Here


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