Dry Fruits Price in Pakistan Today 2023, Badam, Kaju, Pista

In Pakistan, dry fruits are not just a dietary staple but also a cultural emblem, deeply ingrained in the nation’s culinary traditions and social hospitality.

As of 2023, the prices of these cherished edibles have been subject to the dynamic forces of the market, influenced by various factors such as quality, demand and supply, location, government policies, packaging, and retail markups.

Dry Fruits Price in Pakistan Today

The dry fruits in Pakistan extend beyond their use as mere snacks or cooking ingredients; they represent hospitality, festivity, and nutrition. Almonds (بادام), with their creamy texture, cashews (کاجو) known for their versatility, walnuts (اخروٹ) rich in health benefits, and other varieties like dates (کھجور), dried apricots (خشک خوبانی), and pistachios (پستہ) are integral to Pakistani diets and celebrations.

Dry Fruit NameDry Fruit Name1KG Rate
DatesکھجورRs. 500
CashewsکاجوRs. 2600
Dried Apricotsخشک خوبانیRs. 400
Raw Chilgozaکچا چلغوزہRs. 5000
Dried Figsخشک انجیرRs. 650
Pistachiosدرمیانہ کوالٹی پستہRs. 1600
Walnutsکاغذی اخروٹRs. 800
Pistachioاعلی کوالٹی کا پستہRs. 2000
ChilgozaچلغوزہRs. 9000
Peanutsمونگ پھلیRs. 600
Almondsکاغذی بادامRs. 1000

The fluctuating prices of dry fruits can be attributed to seasonal changes, harvest yields, consumer spending habits, and geographical factors affecting transportation costs. Government regulations and taxes also play a role in shaping the final price point, as do the types of packaging and the profit margins set by retailers.

Dry Fruit Cities in Pakistan

Pakistan’s dry fruit industry is closely linked to specific cities renowned for their production and trade. Chitral is celebrated for its walnuts, Peshawar serves as a key trading hub, Quetta is influential for almonds and apricots, Gilgit Baltistan produces a variety of dry fruits including apricots and walnuts, Swat Valley is known for its lush orchards, and Multan and Sargodha in Punjab contribute significantly to almond production.

Benefits of Using Dry Fruits

The health benefits of consuming dry fruits are manifold. They are nutrient-rich, support heart and digestive health, provide an energy boost, contain antioxidants, and promote bone health.

Almonds and walnuts, for example, are associated with heart health due to their healthy fats and antioxidants, while prunes and figs aid digestion thanks to their fiber content.

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