How Does Cisco CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification Shape Your Technical Expertise?

More and more complex enterprise infrastructure solutions are introduced in today’s IT industry. While these advancements are downright valuable, handling them might be a challenge. Thus, experts are widely needed to guarantee that all operations are accomplished effectively and that everything is in accordance with the organization’s guidelines.

And to become a specialist in this field, you have to corroborate your technical skills. And one of the most credible validations is the Certbolt Infrastructure from Cisco. Let’s delve into the key features of the certification and uncover why this has been of great help among enterprise infrastructure professionals.

It ensures you master the basics of enterprise networking infrastructure

The first stage of the certification is for you to accomplish the Certbolt (ENCOR) exam. This particular test checks upon your mastery of the core technologies relevant to Cisco enterprise network. Clearing the exam means that you can efficiently implement and operate functions related to IPv4 and IPv6 architecture. It also signifies your adeptness in basic functions associated with virtualization, infrastructure, automation, security, and network assurance.

It equips you with technical aptitude in the full lifecycle of complex enterprise networks

As enterprise infrastructure expert, having a thorough understanding of the end-to-end lifespan of enterprise networks is very important. But nothing to worry about because the certification is designed to prepare you for real-world challenges surrounding this field. Through the second stage of the Certbolt , you are expected to accomplish the 8-hour lab exam that evaluates how well you master the core processes related to handling various infrastructure solutions. These involve the design, deployment, and operation phases.

It polishes your ability to work on relevant Cisco virtual machines and other significant platforms

The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure mainly revolves around key Cisco equipment and software solutions. So, when you prepare for the certification exam, you are introduced to a variety of Cisco platforms. For virtual machines, these mostly cover the latest releases of Cisco CSR 1000v Series Cloud Services Routers, Certbolt , Cisco SD-WAN, and Cisco DNA Center. Other supporting virtual machines include Cisco Identity Services Engine 2.6, Ubuntu Desktop 18.04 LTS, and Microsoft Windows 10 Professional.

Some Key Reminders Before Pursuing the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification

The CCIE certification is an expert-level accreditation that is widely recognized in the IT industry. Therefore, earning the Certbolt Enterprise Infrastructure credential is no easy task. Though there are no specific requirements, it’s highly suggested that you are already adept in the fundamental aspects of the enterprise infrastructure. More so, it’s best to have at least five to seven years of working experience in dealing with core enterprise networking solutions and technologies.


As a prestigious accreditation of your mastery in enterprise infrastructure, there’s no denying that having the Certbolt Enterprise Infrastructure certification is truly valuable. Not only does it shape your technical expertise but it also showcases your eye for professional growth. And of course, employers acknowledge that with this credential, you can provide a significant impact on the organization. Accordingly, this leads to better job opportunities and higher financial compensation. So, gear up and aim for a flourishing career!

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