Zong 4G Launches Iran Roaming Bundle for Pilgrims to Stay Connected During Ziyarat

Zong 4G, Pakistan’s biggest network operator, has announced the most affordable international roaming bundle for pilgrims flying to Iran.

Recognizing the significance of remaining connected, Zong 4G is dedicated to providing outstanding convenience and cost-effective options that meet the different demands of travelers.

Customers traveling to Iran for Ziyaraat during the sacred month of Muharram or for business will be able to stay connected with their loved ones back home thanks to Zong 4G’s inexpensive packages.

The deal includes a special calling package that allows tourists to stay in contact. Prepaid consumers may get 60 minutes of uninterrupted calls for 30 days for only PKR 1000 + tax.

For those staying in Iran for an extended period of time, Zong 4G provides 200 minutes of call time for PKR 3000 plus tax, with a validity period of 60 days.

Subscribers can get the bundles by calling *4225# from their phones, visiting the Zong online store, or using the My Zong App.

“Zong 4G has always timely recognized the needs of its customers and created solutions accordingly,” said the official spokeswoman for the campaign.

This service allows consumers to do Ziyaraat while remaining connected with their loved ones back at home.”

The package demonstrates Zong 4G’s commitment to improving the overall travel experience via its constant pursuit of innovation and customer-centric services.

As a pioneer in reinventing travel connections, the firm understands the necessity of offering clients dependable and economical ways to stay connected while traveling.

Usman Mushtaq

Usman is a storyteller of online communities and digital connections. Through captivating user stories, his articles explore the power of social media in bringing people together from all corners of the virtual world.

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