BISE Abbottabad Oriental Languages Exams Schedule 2023 Forms

The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) Abbottabad has announced the schedule for the Oriental Languages Exams 2023. Candidates interested in taking part in these exams are advised to submit their application forms within the stipulated timeline.

According to the official announcement, the BISE Abbottabad Oriental Languages Exams 2023 Forms Schedule has been released by the exams department of Abbottabad Board. The admission forms can be obtained from Allied Bank Branches of Hazara Division.

Candidates have three options for submitting their application forms. They can submit their forms with the normal fee by the final date of September 11, 2023. Alternatively, they can forward their admission forms with double the fee by the closing date of September 21, 2023. Lastly, candidates also have the option to forward their application forms with triple the fee deposit by the target date of October 2, 2023.

The BISE Abbottabad Oriental Languages written exams 2023 will commence on November 1, 2023. Candidates are urged to read the instructions carefully and comply with them to ensure a smooth examination process.

This announcement is part of a series of educational updates provided by BISE Abbottabad, which includes information on various exams and admissions schedules. It is crucial for candidates to stay updated with these announcements to avoid missing any important deadlines.

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You can download schedule form here.

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