Best Places for Baklava in Abu Dhabi 2023

Baklava is a rich and sweet pastry made of layers of filo dough filled with chopped nuts and held together with syrup or honey. This popular Middle Eastern dessert has found a special place in the culinary scene of Abu Dhabi.

With its meltingly tender pastry and sweet nutty flavors, baklava has become a favorite among locals and expats alike. The capital city boasts some of the best baklava shops, each with its unique take on this traditional delicacy.

Discover 5 Exquisite Baklava Places in Abu Dhabi

In this blog post, we will take you on a tour of 5 of the top spots that serve delightfully authentic baklava in Abu Dhabi. From fine-dining restaurants to old-school sweet shops, get ready to discover baklava heaven!

Tatli Sarayi: The Ultimate Baklava Experience

When it comes to baklava in Abu Dhabi, Tatli Sarayi leads the pack. This Turkish restaurant and confectionery shop offers an extensive baklava selection in classic and contemporary flavors.

Alongside traditional walnut and pistachio baklavas, you can find more unique creations like the carrot cake baklava with sweet carrot jam and cream cheese filling. There’s also chocolate baklava for die-hard chocolate fans.

Cost, timings, and location

A small box of baklava starts from AED 80. Tatli Sarayi is open daily from 10 AM to 12 midnight and located on Al Niqa Street.

Al Sultan Sweets: A Hidden Gem for Baklava Lovers.

Don’t let the modest storefront of Al Sultan Sweets fool you. This old-fashioned shop is renowned locally for its melt-in-your-mouth baklava, prepared fresh every day.

On offer is a tasty baklava stuffed with assorted nuts or mixed diced fruits. Their best-selling items are the pistachio baklava and mixed nut baklava, made with almonds, cashews, and walnuts.

Cost, timings, and location

A box of assorted baklava starts from AED 13. You can visit daily from 8 AM to 12 midnight. Al Sultan Sweets is located on Al Muroor Street inside the Saeed Bin Darwish Building.

Khaleej Bakeries and Pastries: A Delightful Baklava Haven

Khaleej Bakeries and Pastries is a delightful spot to indulge your baklava cravings. With over a dozen varieties, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Sink your teeth into their signature walnut baklava or try something different like the date or saffron baklava.

You can also sip on Turkish tea or Arabic coffee to perfectly complement your baklava.

Timings and location

This bakery is open daily from 5:30 AM to 12 midnight. You’ll find it on Al Salam Street inside the Al Salam Tower.

Al Dar Sweets: Middle Eastern Flavors at Their Finest

For a delightful taste of the Middle East, head to Al Dar Sweets. This sweet shop offers baklava in a multitude of flavors like rose, saffron, date, Arabic coffee, and more. You can also customize an assorted baklava box.

Beyond baklava, Al Dar Sweets also sells other Arabic confections like barazek sesame cookies and smaller shredded pastries.

Cost, timings, and location

A 1 kg baklava box starts at AED 140. You can visit from 8 AM to 11 PM daily. Al Dar Sweets has branches in Madinat Zayed and the Tourist Club Area.

Otantik Restaurant and Cafe: A Baklava Experience Like No Other

Otantik Restaurant and Cafe is a charming Turkish restaurant praised for its authentic regional cuisine. Although they only serve two classic baklava variants – walnut and pistachio – these are considered among the best in town.

Do try their signature baklava served with a scoop of ice cream. The contrast between the warm, crispy pastry and cold, creamy ice cream is sheer bliss.

Timings and location

Otantik is open daily from 9 AM to 2 AM. You’ll find it on 10th Street opposite Abu Dhabi Mall.


From Turkish restaurants like Tatli Sarayi and Otantik to traditional Arabic sweet shops such as Al Sultan Sweets and Al Dar, Abu Dhabi has some stellar spots for baklava lovers. With so many textures, flavors, and styles to explore, your tastebuds are in for a delightful adventure!

We hope our round-up has inspired you to treat yourself to a baklava feast in Abu Dhabi. Trust us, once you’ve tried it here, you’ll find it hard to enjoy baklava anywhere else!


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