Prayer Times in Dubai November 2023

In the bustling city of Dubai, the practice of daily prayers or Salat remains a crucial part of life for Muslims. As one of Islam’s Five Pillars, these prayers are observed with keen interest and adherence by the faithful. This article provides a detailed guide to the prayer times in Dubai for November 2023.

Five Daily Prayers in Dubai

Muslims in Dubai observe five prayers throughout the day.

  • Fajr is performed early in the morning.
  • Dhuhr takes place shortly after noon.
  • Asr or Asar, is observed in the late afternoon.
  • Maghrib is conducted right after sunset.
  • Isha, the nighttime prayer, concludes the day.

These prayers are performed at specific times.

Prayer Times for November 2023

For those wondering about the timings for Fajr and Isha prayers in Dubai, this guide provides the answers.

Georgian Date DayFajr Sunrise Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha
1st NovemberWednesday05:08 am06:23 pm12:05 pm03:15 pm05:42 pm06:57 pm
2nd NovemberThursday05:08 am06:23 pm12:05 pm03:15 pm05:41 pm06:56 pm
3rd NovemberFriday05:09 am06:24 pm12:05 pm03:15 pm05:40 pm06:56 pm
4th NovemberSaturday05:09 am06:25 pm12:05 pm03:14 pm05:40 pm06:55 pm
5th NovemberSunday05:10 am06:25 pm12:05 pm03:14 pm05:39 pm06:55 pm
6th NovemberMonday05:10 am06:26 pm12:05 pm03:13 pm05:39 pm06:54 pm
7th NovemberTuesday05:11 am06:26 pm12:05 pm03:13 pm05:38 pm06:54 pm
8th NovemberWedneday05:11 am06:27 pm12:05 pm03:13 pm05:38 pm06:53 pm
9th NovemberThursday05:12 am06:28 pm12:05 pm03:12 pm05:37 pm06:53 pm
10th NovemberFriday05:13 am06:28 pm12:06 pm03:12 pm05:37 pm06:52 pm
11th NovemberSaturday05:13 am06:29 pm12:06 pm03:12 pm05:36 pm06:52 pm
12th NovemberSunday05:14 am06:30 pm12:06 pm03:11 pm05:36 pm06:52 pm
13th NovemberMonday05:14 am06:30 pm12:06 pm03:11 pm05:35 pm06:52 pm
14th NovemberTuesday05:15 am06:31 pm12:06 pm03:11 pm05:35 pm06:51 pm
15th NovemberWednesday05:15 am06:32 pm12:06 pm03:10 pm05:35 pm06:51 pm
16th NovemberThursday05:16 am06:32 pm12:06 pm03:10 pm05:34 pm06:51 pm
17th NovemberFriday05:17 am06:33 pm12:07 pm03:10 pm05:34 pm06:51 pm
18th NovemberSaturday05:17 am06:34 pm12:07 pm03:10 pm05:34 pm06:50 pm
19th NovemberSunday05:18 am06:35 pm12:07 pm03:10 pm05:33 pm06:50 pm
20th NovemberMonday05:18 am06:35 pm12:07 pm03:09 pm05:33 pm06:50 pm
21st NovemberTuesday05:19 am06:36 pm12:08 pm03:09 pm05:33 pm06:50 pm
22nd NovemberWednesday05:20 am06:37 pm12:08 pm03:09 pm05:33 pm06:50 pm
23rd NovemberThursday05:20 am06:37 pm12:08 pm03:09 pm05:32 pm06:50 pm
24th NovemberFriday05:21 am06:38 pm12:08 pm03:09 pm05:32 pm06:50 pm
25th NovemberSaturday05:21 am06:39 pm12:09 pm03:09 pm05:32 pm06:50 pm
26th NovemberSunday05:22 am06:40 pm12:09 pm03:09 pm05:32 pm06:50 pm
27th NovemberMonday05:23 am06:40 pm12:09 pm03:09 pm05:32 pm06:50 pm
28th NovemberTuesday05:23 am06:41 pm12:10 pm03:09 pm05:32 pm06:50 pm
29th NovemberWednesday05:24 am06:42 pm12:10 pm03:09 pm05:32 pm06:50 pm
30th NovemberThursday05:24 am06:42 pm12:10 pm03:09 pm05:32 pm06:50 pm

Friday Prayer Time in Dubai

The Juma prayer, or Friday prayer, holds special significance in Islam. In Dubai, the Juma prayer time is set at 01:15 pm. This is when all mosques in the city host Friday prayers and sermons.

Visiting Mosques in Dubai

Dubai is home to some of the world’s most stunning mosques, where both Muslims and non-Muslims can appreciate the rich Islamic culture and architecture. Notable examples include the Al Salam Mosque in Al Barsha and the Grand Mosque in Bur Dubai.

This guide aims to assist Muslims in planning their daily Salah for November 2023. It is recommended to bookmark this page for easy access to the Muslim prayer times in Dubai.


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