AJKU Fall Semester Admissions 2023 Extended Schedule

Azad Jammu and Kashmir University (AJKU) in Muzaffarabad has announced an extension to its admission schedule for the Fall Semester of 2023. The university offers a variety of academic programs, has begun its admission process, and is now accepting applications online.

The extended deadline for submission of application forms is September 15, 2023. This extension provides prospective students with additional time to complete their applications and submit them for consideration. The university’s admission department has issued detailed instructions for applicants, which should be followed carefully during the submission process.

AJKU is known for its diverse range of academic programs and is committed to providing quality education to its students. The university encourages all eligible candidates to apply for admission in the ongoing programs. The extended schedule for the Fall Semester Admissions 2023 is a testament to AJKU’s commitment to ensuring that all interested students have ample opportunity to apply.

Applicants are advised to read the instructions carefully and follow them while submitting their admission forms. The university has made it clear that adherence to these guidelines is crucial for the successful processing of applications.

This announcement was made on September 5, 2023, and has been widely circulated to ensure that all potential applicants are aware of the extended schedule. The university is looking forward to welcoming new students to its various academic programs in the upcoming fall semester.

For more information about the admission process and the extended schedule, interested individuals can visit the official website of Azad Jammu and Kashmir University Muzaffarabad.


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