Zong PubG Offer 10GB Monthly Code 2023

Pakistan’s official PUBG mobile partner is Zong 4G. As a result of their collaboration, Zong has launched a PUBG offer that includes 10GB of data per month with 1GB of plain internet.

So players, be prepared for the big fish and play fun games with Zong. The network provided by the provider is best for gaming. This is because of the exclusive link partnership of PUBG mobile national championship Pakistan. Make sure you’re ready for that too. Subscribe to Zong’s monthly PubG package for the duration and take the battle to the best gaming network in the country.

About Zong Game Play Portal

What about the surprise package? Zong GMS prepaid customers who subscribe to Zong’s newest internet package can now play Pubg on their Sims. Due to the cost of the upgraded resource, players will be very happy with this awesome bundle.

As we know it already exists for Zong, Zong already has a game site where you can play simple games. Thousands of Android and Kjava games are available for users to enjoy. The Zong company offers a one-stop shop for subscriptions that include mobile games and ACTs. You can also download premium, free and free games.

The Zong portal gives you access to a large collection of sports and non-sports related video games. Your favorite sport in the portal collection will be able to play on this device. You can buy and download Android games using the wrapping portal.

Little Things About Pubg Game

It was December of that year when Microsoft Studio first released Pubg. It was also made available for Xbox in the same month. That’s not all; In April 2021, the PlayStation 4 version of the game will be released, and the game will be available for Android and iOS.

As a result, 70 million copies of the game were sold. In March 2021, the total number of applications will reach 1 billion. This will be able to generate $4.3 billion from mobile devices in December 2020. There are generally good things to say about the game, although critics also found some serious technological flaws. As a result, Pubg has released a new type of game that allows users to skip levels.

For the public’s sake, Pubg now hosts various mini-tournaments and offers multiple game tools. As a result, the game has become a well-known Esports. But some governments have banned the game. Players under the age of 18 are suspected of being addicted to it.

New Zong Monthly PubG Pack

The offer includes substantial storage at a reasonable cost. PUBG is known to be one of the most popular games today and can also be played online. Zong always offers something new and fun to its customers. Zong’s Rs. 100/- monthly Pubg package includes 9 GB of data with fixed 1 GB internet data.

Zong has recently released a new Zong Weekly Pubg Full pack with the biggest amount ever due to the lack of game supply. If you’re on a tight budget, you can take advantage of Zong Youth’s 2.5GB of memory for just Rs 100. 17/-. With this offer you can use data from 1 am to 9 am.

How to Activate Zong PUBG Offer?

The game bundle was a pleasant surprise from Zong. By subscribing to the campaign, you can play PUBG on your Android phone. Sign up for Zong Play Portal offers to access even more mobile games.

  • He only needs to pay one Rs. one hundred.

Click on the Zong My APP data area to activate your membership.

  • Sending the phrase “sub-PubG” to 6464 will also activate the agreement.
  • Subscription code for Zong Pubg *7824#
  • Dial *102# to check your data. Each query costs 10 paisa + tax.
ExpensesRs. one hundred/-
PUBG Data Volume9GB + 1GB Straight
Subscribe to PubG Monthly OfferDial *7824#
Validity30 days

How to Unsubscribe from Monthly Pubg Package?

  • Send the text “UnsubPubG” to 6464 using the write message option in the message window of your computer.
  • You can also unsubscribe by dialing *7824# and answering a specific number.

PubG How to Check Remaining MBs

To contact the inquiry service, dial *102# and reply within 30 seconds

  • Write 4 for Free Web Internet materials can only be accessed if the Data session is terminated first
  • Use My Zong APP to see all your data usage.

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