Zong Good Night Offer | Zong Good Night Internet Package

Zong Good Night Offer, Zong Good Night 3G/4G Internet Package. Zong is offering its subscribers the best Zong Good Night Offer. That’s why the cheapest calls, SMS, and Internet packages are always available to Zong subscribers. This article also provides the code for the Zong Good Night Offer.  

This Zong GNO offers 2.5GB of internet data for all social applications for just Rs 16.5. This is the perfect offer to use free internet for all subscribers and experience yourself free of charge and without limitations.  

So you only have to call a *6464# code and follow the steps to activate Zong Good Night Offer. So all the information below is provided so you can easily receive them. In addition, all of Zong’s GNO packages, including Prepaid, Postpaid, MBB, and internet SIM, can be acquired.    

Zong Good Night Offer

The code is *6464*2*2# for Zong good night offer. You can get 2.5 GB of data free to use for any purpose by dialing this code. So, how can this offer be received?  

  • You will enjoy 2.5 GB of free internet data for the month.
  • This data cannot be used for browsing.
  • For one day, the charge is Rs.16.5.
  • Valid from 1 a.m. to 9 a.m.
  • For any kind of online activity, you can use this data.

How to Activate or Subscribe to Zong Good Night Offer

To Subscribe to Zong Good Night Offer, follow some steps  

  • To activate Zong Good Night Offer (GNO), Send SMS “gno” to 6464.
  • After getting a confirmation message.
  • Now you will get 2.5 GB of data that is valid from 1 a.m to 9 a.m.

How to Deactivate or UnSubscribe to Zong Good Night Offer

To Unsub to Zong Good Night, Offer to follow some steps  

  • To Unsub Zong Good Night Offer (GNO), Send SMS “Unsub gno” to 6464.
  • After getting a confirmation message.

How to Check Zong Remainings Internet, Minutes, and SMS

To check Zong remaining initiatives, follow some steps  

  • To check your remaining initiatives, dial *102#.
  • To get a summary, type 1 and send.
  • To check the remaining Minutes, type 2 and send.
  • To check the remaining SMS, type 3 and send.
  • To check the remaining Internet MBs, type 4 and send.
  • To get My Zong App info, type 5 and send.

Zong has the largest 4G inclusion over the country’s length and broadness. Zong Good Night Offer is one of Zong’s outstanding offers for its subscribers. Zong believes that impetus is a force for monetary progress, and we will continue to empower it by bringing information to Pakistan’s market.    

Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions were applied. Go to the official website for more information on the Zong Good Night Offer. Standard data charges will apply if you do not subscribe to the Day Time Offer.

The standard Internet usage charge is Rs.2 per MB + tax. So, if you have any questions regarding this offer, Call the Zong helpline at 310. It is a crime to use SIM cards without proper authorization – PTA Unwanted and inappropriate texts can be reported by texting the SENDER’s NUMBER sent to 9000 – PTA.

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