Zong 4G Launches Trivia Contest for Asia Cup, Offers Chance to Win 2GB of Data

As the cricket season commences with the highly anticipated Asia Cup, Zong 4G is set to offer its subscribers an opportunity to win up to 2GB of free data. The company has launched a thrilling trivia contest designed to cater to the cricket enthusiasts among its users.

During each of Pakistan’s matches in the Asia Cup, participants will have the chance to answer fun trivia questions related to the game, such as who scored the most runs or took the most wickets. The first five individuals to answer correctly will be rewarded with a generous 2GB of free data, valid for 24 hours. This contest not only tests the cricket knowledge of the participants but also adds an element of excitement and urgency, making it a race against time.

The official spokesperson for Zong 4G expressed their enthusiasm for the initiative, stating, “Zong 4G is excited to show its love for cricket through this incredibly enjoyable and engaging trivia. We are ready to celebrate every victory by giving 2GB of data to all winners!”

To participate in this exhilarating competition, users simply need to follow Zong 4G on Facebook and look out for the trivia questions that will be posted during Pakistan’s matches in the Asia Cup. The contest will kick off from Pakistan’s much-anticipated match against India on Saturday, 2nd September.

This initiative by Zong 4G is a unique way to engage cricket fans and provide them with an opportunity to win exciting rewards while enjoying the Asia Cup.

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