Zong Internet Packages 2024: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly

Zong has hit a new high of over 6 million active users. Zong 4G has continued to develop its network and facilities to meet the demands of users with an unrelenting focus on user needs, providing a rare combination of affordability and seamless access. 

To let you remain linked with your friends and family, Zong keeps launching Zong 4G Bundles. In addition, Zong has launched prepaid and postpaid user internet packages.

We discuss all Zong Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Internet Packages and Internet postpaid and prepaid packages in this post.

Below are the details of all Zong Internet packages, including daily, weekly, and monthly Internet packages.

Zong offers these Internet packages to its customers at a low price. To create ease for consumers. In the Internet packages below, you can choose the best Internet package for yourself.  

Zong Prepaid Internet Packages

Below are the details of all Zong Prepaid Internet packages, including daily, weekly, and monthly Internet packages.  

Zong Daily, 1 Day, 24 Hours Internet Packages

Zong provides its users with 1 Day, 24 Hour, and Daily Internet bundles, allowing them to use this Internet for one day. The below list contains information about Zong’s daily Internet bundles.

PackageMBsOn-Net MinsOff-Net MinsSMSValidityPriceCode
Zong Twitter 4G LTE Package200001 DayRs: 2*6464#
Zong Full Gup Package307501001 DayRs: 5*118*1#
Zong Daily Facebook Offer10000001 DayRs: 8*32#
2 Hour Non Stop Offer1000Unlimited001 Day2 Hour Non-Stop Offer*3000#
Zong Classified Pack500001 DayRs: 5*6464#
Zong Daily SMS & WhatsApp Bundle30005001 DayRs: 7*700#
Zong Perfect Package401000005001 DayRs: 12*118*2#
Zong Ramzan Exclusive Daytime Offer10000001 DayRs: 12*6464#
Zong Hello 1 Day5015001501 DayRs: 13*2200*1#
Zong Whatsapp Only Daily 4G LTE Package1500001 DayRs: 15*4#
Zong Shandaar Rozana offer50Unlimited08001 DayRs: 20*999#
Zong Good Night 4G LTE Package25000001 DayRs: 23*6464#
Zong Daily Basic1000001 DayRs: 23*6464#
Zong DAILY SOCIAL OFFER15000001 DayRs: 23*386#
Zong Daytime Offer15000001 DayRs: 23*47#
Zong DAILY DTO (4 am to 7 pm)15000001 DayRs: 23*47#
Zong DAILY GNO25000001 DayRs: 23*6464#
Zong Daily Data Max 4G LTE Package5000001 DayRs: 49*5#

3-day Zong Internet packages

Zong provides 3-day or weekly Internet bundles to its users, allowing you to use this data for 3 days.

PackageMBsOn-Net MinsOff-Net MinsSMSValidityPriceCode
ZONG SUPER RECHARGE OFFER1500300257003 DaysRs: 50*3454#
ZONG 3-DAY BUNDLE10001000010003 DaysRs: 80*3433#
Zong Free Internet and Calls200010005003 DaysRs: 50*22#

Zong Weekly or 7 Days Internet Packages

Zong provides 7-day or weekly Internet bundles to its users, allowing you to use this data for the duration of the 7 days. The below list contains information about Zong’s weekly Internet bundles.

Zong WhatsApp package weeklyMBsOn-Net MinsOff-Net MinsSMSValidityPriceCode
Zong New SIM Offer40001000007 DaysRs: 0Activated/upgrade
Zong whatsapp package weekly2000013007 DaysRs: 30*702#
Zong 4G LTE SIM Upgrade Offer4000400007 DaysRs: 0Activated/new sim
Zong Weekly SMS Bundle2000013007 DaysRs: 32*702#
Zong WEEKLY TIKTOK OFFER30000007 DaysRs: 70*606#
Zong APNA SHEHR SEHWAN50003003007 DaysRs: 80*4466#
Zong APNA SHEHR SANGHAR50003003007 DaysRs: 90*4466#
Zong APNA SHEHR FAROOQABAD50003003007 DaysRs: 90*4466#
Zong APNA SHEHR HASILPUR50003003007 DaysRs: 90*4466#
Zong APNA SHEHR QAMBAR50003003007 DaysRs: 100*4466#
Zong APNA SHEHR THUL50003003007 DaysRs: 100*4466#
Zong MEGA DATA OFFER1000000007 DaysRs: 110*808#
Zong Shandaar Weekly Package500500405007 DaysRs: 120*7#
LAHORE SUPER OFFER500010004010007 DaysRs: 120*4466#
Zong SHANDAAR HAFTAWAAR OFFER500500405007 DaysRs: 120*7#
Zong APNA SHEHR PLUS CHINIOT800020006020007 DaysRs: 150*4466#
Zong WEEKLY Youtube & Tik tok80000007 DaysRs: 150*570#
MALAKAND OFFER3000100010010007 DaysRs: 160*595#
HAFTAWAR PUNJAB OFFER3000100010010007 DaysRs: 160*476#
Zong Super Weekly 4G LTE Package40000007 DaysRs: 200*6464#
Zong Super Weekly Offer40000007 DaysRs: 200Zong app
Zong KASHMORE PLUS OFFER1200025008025007 DaysRs: 200*4466#
WEEKLY All in one400050006050007 DaysRs: 220*707#
Zong Punjab Offer6000150007 DaysRs: 230*2222#
Zong Karachi Offer500050007550007 DaysRs: 250*54#
Zong Haftawar Load Offer900080Unlimited7 DaysRs: 270*70#
Zong Super Weekly Plus8000060Unlimited7 DaysRs: 290*20#
Zong SUPER WEEKLY PLUS ON INTERNET SIM80000007 DaysRs: 330*6666#
Zong WEEKLY HLO120000100Unlimited7 DaysRs: 340*70#
Zong Super Weekly Max300000007 DaysRs: 365*220#
Zong Super Weekly Premium300000180Unlimited7 DaysRs: 385*225#
Zong WEEKLY PRO400000250unlimited7 DaysRs: 460*794#
Zong SUPER WEEKLY MAX ON INTERNET SIM250000007 DaysRs: 425*6666#

Zong Monthly or 30 Day Internet Packages

Zong provides 30-day or Monthly Internet packages to meet the demands of its users, allowing you to use this data for the duration of the 30 days. The table below contains information about Zong’s monthly Internet bundles.

Zong MONTHLY WHATSAPP50000001 MonthRs: 30*247#
Zong MONTHLY SOCIAL MINI60000001 MonthRs: 130*250#
Zong Monthly Basic  Package5000001 MonthRs: 150*6464#
Zong Monthly Pubg100000001 MonthRs: 120*7824#
Zong IMO Offer25000001 MonthRs: 80*466#
Zong Monthly SMS & Whatsapp Bundle30005001 MonthRs: 75*705#
Zong Monthly Mini1500001 MonthRs: 50*6464#
FREE GOOGLE MAPS5000001 MonthRs: 0*627#
Zong MONTHLY WHATSAPP PLUS5000200302001 MonthRs: 160*4000#
Zong MONTHLY SOCIAL12000250502501 MonthRs: 240*6000#
Zong MONTHLY 5GB50000001 MonthRs: 299*3#
Zong Shandaar Monthly Package1000100010010001 MonthRs: 300*1000#
Zong Monthly 3GB 4G LTE LTE Package30000001 MonthRs: 300*6464#
Zong SHANDAR MAHANA OFFER1000100010010001 MonthRs: 305*1000#
Zong 5GB MONTHLY ON INTERNET SIM50000001 MonthRs: 330*6666#
Zong Data Share 4G LTE LTE Package50000001 MonthRs: 500*6464#
STAR PRE LOAD MONTHLY POWER PACK 250010005010001 MonthRs: 500*1313#
Zong Internet SIM Monthly 3GB30000001 MonthRs: 500*6666#
MAHANA PUNJAB OFFER4000300040030001 MonthRs: 575*676#
Zong MONTHLY 20GB200000001 MonthRs: 575*3#
Zong MONTHLY SUPER CARD10000Unlimited250Unlimited1 MonthRs: 699*50#
Zong Monthly 12GB Package120000001 MonthRs: 750*6464#
Zong Internet SIM Monthly 8GB80000001 MonthRs: 750*6666#
STAR PRE-LOAD MONTHLY POWER PACK 100000001 MonthRs: 800*6666#
Zong Data Share 4G LTE LTE Package (10GB)100000001 MonthRs: 900*6464*5#
Zong Monthly 40 GB Internet Sim400000001 MonthRs: 940*6666#
Zong Supreme Offer20000500035050001 MonthRs: 999*3030#
Zong Monthly MBB – 30GB (Device Package)300000001 MonthRs: 999Zong app/retailer
MONTHLY SUPREME20000500035050001 MonthRs: 999*3030#
Zong Monthly Premium 30GB300000001 MonthRs: 1000*6464#
Zong Monthly Power Pack5000200015015001 MonthRs: 1000*1313#
Zong Internet SIM Monthly 24G LTEB240000001 MonthRs: 1200*6666#
Zong Internet SIM Monthly 12GB120000001 MonthRs: 1240*6666#
Zong Monthly Pro4000010000600100001 MonthRs: 1250*1500#
MONTHLY PRO PLUS6000010000600100001 MonthRs: 1250*7088#
Zong INTERNET SIM 12GB + 15GB (4 AM-4 PM)270000001 MonthRs: 1250*6666#
Zong MONTHLY SUPER OFFER20000500045050001 MonthRs: 1300*4567#
Zong Supreme Plus Offer1000010000600100001 MonthRs: 1732*6464*4#
FAMILY BUNDLE4000015000600150001 MonthRs: 2000*505#
Zong Internet SIM Monthly 60GB600000001 MonthRs: 2000Zong app/retailer
Zong Monthly MBB – 65GB (Device Package)650000001 MonthRs: 2100Zong app/retailer
Zong INTERNET SIM 65GB650000001 MonthRs: 2100*6666#
Zong Monthly MBB – 160GB (Device Package)1600000001 MonthRs: 2600Zong app/retailer
Zong Monthly MBB – 200GB (Device Package)2000000001 MonthRs: 3300Zong app/retailer
Zong Monthly MBB – 200GB (Device Package)2000000001 MonthRs: 3300Zong app/retailer
Zong Internet SIM Monthly 175GB1750000001 MonthRs: 3300*6666#
Zong Monthly MBB – 150GB (Device Package)1500000001 MonthRs: 3500Zong app/retailer
Zong Monthly MBB – 150GB (Device Package)1500000001 MonthRs: 3500Zong app/retailer

Zong Internet Bundles

Dial *6464# or Enter the Zong website’s phone number for the tariff activation menu and subscribe to your preferred package.  

PackageMBsOn-Net MinsOff-Net MinsSMSValidityPriceCode
Zong Free 4G LTE Package for FacebookUnlimited000UnlimitedRs: 0Activated on each sim
Zong Sim Lagao Offer400060002060007 DaysRs: 0*2244#
Zong 1 HOUR YOUTUBEUnlimited0001 DayRs: 2*1987#
Zong APNA SHEHR KASHMORE50003003007 DaysRs: 100*4466#
Zong Combo Pack (15 days)3000050015 DaysRs: 200*15#
Zong Sindh Offer500050007550007 DaysRs: 250*54#
Zong INTERNET SIM 5GB (3 month)50000003 MonthsRs: 785*6666#
Zong INTERNET SIM 8GB (3 months)8000800020030003 MonthsRs: 1000*1313#
Zong 3 Months Power Pack (3 months)22000500040050003 MonthsRs: 1000*4545#
Zong Internet SIM 3GB (3 Months)30000003 MonthsRs: 1100*6666#
MONTHLY SUPREME PUNJAB (3 months)90000003 MonthsRs: 1100*6666#
Zong INTERNET SIM 15GB(3 Months)150000003 MonthsRs: 1500*6666#
Zong Internet SIM 12GB (3 Months)120000003 MonthsRs: 2700*6666#
Zong MBB – 60GB/Month (Device Package) (3 Months)600000003 MonthsRs: 5750Zong app/Zong retailer
Zong INTERNET SIM 65GB (3 Months)650000003 MonthsRs: 5750*6666#
Zong MBB – 105GB (Device Package) (6 month)1050000006 MonthRs: 12500Zong app/Zong retailer
Zong INTERNET SIM 105GB (30GB 4AM-4PM) (6 month)1050000006 MonthRs: 12500*6666#
Zong MBB – 105GB (Device Package)(12 months)10500000012 MonthsRs: 23000Zong app/Zong retailer
Zong INTERNET SIM 105GB (INC. 30GB 4AM-4PM)(12 months)10500000012 MonthsRs: 23000*6666#

Zong Advance Loan Offer

OfferCodeLoan Charges
Advance Loan*911#Rs: 15Rs: 4.5 & tax
2nd Advance Loan*911#Rs: 30Rs: 9 & tax
Super Advance Loan*911#Rs: 30Rs: 8 & tax
2nd Super Advance Loan*911#Rs: 60Rs: 16 & tax

How to avail of these Packages?

By simply dialing *6464#, we can subscribe with any Zong internet package, or you can search the Zong Website. If you want to confirm the use of your data, dial *102#, and your charges are 10 paise per query. If you don’t have a Zong Internet Plan, Rs.4 per MB would cost you. So, it is also easier to use Zong Internet Packages, and there’s no question that Zong Internet packages are among the best compared to its rivals.  

Zong Postpaid Internet Packages

Zong has provided its Postpaid customers with some new Zong bundles as well. The collection of all Zong Prepaid Internet Services is given below, giving customers more options to deal with their needs.

Z Postpaid PackagesFree MBOn-net MinutesOff-net MinutesSMSMonthly Line RentMinimum Security Deposit
Z300025600Unlimited12005000Rs. 2190Rs.5000

Besides that, if they need to add extra data to their bundles, Zong also provides add-ons for its prepaid users. The list of the add-ons is given below.  

Basic Tariff

Z Postpaid PackagesOn-Net Call (60 Sec)- PKROff-Net Call (60 Sec)- PKRAll Net SMS (Local)- PKRDefault (Per MB)-PKR

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