Wheat Price in Pakistan June 2023

The Punjab government will begin formal wheat purchases on March 15. The Punjab government has increased the support price of wheat by Rs. 1700 per maund in the country’s history, while people across the country would consider it an onerous burden when the price of wheat from 2200 rupees to 3900 rupees per 40 kg is increased by Punjab.

The Punjab government has suggested raising the wheat support price from Rs 2200 to Rs 3900 per 40 kg. The official price of roti is Rs 16 and that of naan is Rs 22, although Nanbai roti is Rs 20 and naan, khimar is Rs 30 and Roghani naan is Rs 70 instead of Rs 40.

The market price of wheat per maund has risen from Rs.4200 to Rs.4600 per maund, prompting mill owners to begin selling flour at a rate of Rs.150 per kg. The price of a 15-kilogram bag has risen to Rs. 1800.

Wheat Price in Pakistan June 2023

Pakistan is a wheat-growing country that produces wheat every year. Today’s 40 kg wheat price in Pakistan is available on our website. A wheat harvest of 17 million acres has been seeded in Punjab, with an output target of 20 million metric tons.

Increase in the minimum support price to Rs2200 per 40 kilos from Rs1950 for the wheat crops 2021-22.

  • The average wheat price has risen to Rs63.3 per kilogram.
  • The average price per 40 kg was already Rs2532.

The federal government of Pakistan announced a minimum support price of Rs.1800 per 40kg of wheat, the Sindh Provisional Government set it at Rs.2000 per 40kg. Farmers have also urged that the wheat subsidy price be set at Rs. 2500 per quintal.

Wheat price in Pakistan 2023

The wheat price in Pakistan for 2023 has been announced. You may check the 1 kg wheat price in Pakistan as stated by the Pakistani government wheat price per kg in Pakistan 2023.

At the provincial level, an eight-member high-level committee has been formed to manage the wheat procurement push. The procurement process will also be monitored by special monitoring committees at the province, divisional, district, tehsil, and center levels. We shall keep an eye on the wheat procurement campaign in each district.

Gandam price in Pakistan 2023

The federal government has completed a plan to deliver wheat seeds to flood-affected parts of the country. The objective of seed supply is to help farmers in flood-affected areas.

Province1 kg wheat price in Pakistan  40 kg wheat price in Pakistan today  50 kg wheat rate in Pakistan  
Gilgit Baltistan95.2538103900

Last year, the food department purchased wheat for 2200 rupees a maund; this year, the food department plans to purchase 35 lakh tons of wheat. Next week, the price of government wheat to be sold to flour mills will be determined.

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