WhatsApp is Working on Snapchat-like ‘View Once’ Messages

WhatsApp is planning to take another idea from Snapchat’s playbook.  Meta’s messaging platform will soon include ‘View Once’ messages, which will be an upgradation of the disappearing message, to its repertoire of ‘View Once’ photos and videos. 

WhatsApp to Introduce ‘View Once’ Messages Feature Soon

According to a new report from WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is working on a feature that would allow users to send ‘View Once’ messages in the same method they can share photos and videos. Like on Snapchat, the messages will disappear from your phone’s storage as soon as you read them.

A screenshot of the updated feature in action is included in the report. A new button representing a lock will appear to the right of the text box. To send a message with a “View Once” option, click this button. This feature will allow you to send private messages without leaving them in the conversation. For a better understanding, please see the attached screenshot.

whatsapp view once feature
Image: WABetaInfo

The ‘View Once’ texts can only be viewed once and cannot be forwarded or copied. However, this is not possible with “View Once” media. Likely, you won’t be able to take screenshots. You might remember that WhatsApp only recently introduced a feature to prevent users from taking screenshots of ‘View Once’ media.

Keep in mind that there is a difference between “View Once” and temporary messages that disappear after viewing. Unlike ‘View Once’ messages, which disappear as soon as they are read, WhatsApp disappearing messages might remain in your conversation for up to a week (up to 90 days). Not only can you forward them, but taking a screenshot is also allowed.

Since the “View Once” feature for Messages is still under beta testing, it is unsure if and when it will be released to stable users. Keep checking back for updates, and feel free to leave your thoughts on the ‘View Once’ messaging in WhatsApp.

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