What is encryption? | What does encryption mean?

Today we are going to find out the Meaning of encryption. In this era of the internet where everything is happening online, the problem of data theft is also increasing day by day. Online data is very valuable even for a common man.

Because big companies broadcast advertisements with the help of this data. And profit is made by targeting many people with the help of this database. But many companies compromise people’s privacy.

End-to-end encryption technology is used so that data is not hacked. Encryption is a very effective process of securing data, so that your data remains safe, and cannot be hacked by anyone. Today in this post we will learn how encryption works and what are its benefits.

For encryption, Encoding is called. This means writing that is highly secret and secret, not easy to decipher, as encryption was used in ancient times, today encryption is used for online security, including Online data being encrypted with algorithms. If the lock is locked, and there is a key to decrypt it, that is, to open it, which is in the recipient’s or recipient’s browser, the application.

What is encryption?

Encryption is the conversion of any type of data into code with the help of an algorithm. For example, if you send a message to a user through WhatsApp, that message is encrypted by WhatsApp’s algorithm, in this process you are the sender and the person who is sending the message is the receiver. You will do the message. called PlainText, and after it’s encrypted, its Cipher text is called.

As soon as the receiver receives the message, the decryption mechanism in the receiver’s browser or application decrypts the message with a special key. And he seems to be receiving the message, even if that message is hacked by a hacker, the hacker will not be able to unlock the message without that decryption key.

  • Sender Message sender or any data
  • receiver The receiver
  • Plain text Simple words or any data

What is CipherText?

Cipher text Also called ciphertext, it means encrypting any plain-looking text or data with the help of a cipher algorithm and converting it into a code called ciphertext.

What is Decryption?

Decryption is a process followed by encryption. This includes opening any coded data such as a message or file that has been encrypted with a key is called decryption. It is not possible to open this file or data without decryption. This is the reason why this method is considered the safest.

Types of encryption

Encryption is divided into two main parts.

Symmetric and Asymmetric both have encryption techniques.


This is a very old technology, in which the sender sends a key to the receiver, which the receiver can use to decrypt the file. However, it is now rarely used because it is a very slow and risky technique, in which the security of the entire data depends on a single key.

Hacking has become easy these days. This is the reason why it is not used much anymore.


This method works with two keys, which the first key is the public key and the second key is the private key, you can easily share the public key because your data is encrypted with the public key, and it can be unlocked or Decrypted private. This is why it is the most efficient method, many applications use it today.

Encryption consists of three main parts. Which are AES, DES, and RSE, although there are many types, we will learn about these three.

DES encryption

It is also considered standard encryption, as it was used 50 years ago. It is no longer secure as it used 56-bit data encryption, which is very easy to hack nowadays.

AES encryption

It is a highly secure encryption system, as it uses three types of data blocks. It is generally accepted by everyone, as it is very difficult to hack.

Blocks used in

AES 128, blocks of 128-bit size

AES 192, blocks of 192-bit size

AES 256, 256bit size blocks

It uses these three types of blocks, although it uses symmetric encryption.

RSA encryption

This second most popular encryption, also known as Rivest Shamir Adleman, is widely used. It uses asymmetric encryption, one is a public key and the other is a private key. It is used for online data transfer, the sending network has the public key, and the recipient has its private key. Use it The router And also used for digital signature.

Advantages of encryption

Due to this, your data is safe, it is difficult to hack your data. If you do any transaction through encryption it is safe, best encryption is used only for online transactions, and the privacy of your stuff is maintained. Like images, files, data, etc.

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