Utility Stores Fail to Integrate FBR POS System

The Federal Board of Revenue’s (FBR) POS system has not been linked to the Utility Outlets Corporation (USC) stores.

Recently, USC revealed the connection of its POS system with its 4,000 outlets across Pakistan.

No one knows if the failure to charge sales tax on every invoice created by the USC results from FBR incompetence or USC incapability. The latter’s system has not yet been linked to the revenue authority’s system for real-time tax collection and oversight.

On March 29, the USC reportedly placed point-of-sale (POS) equipment in 4,000 of its (small and big) establishments to track sales. Sales tax was also deducted from clients’ bills following the installation of a point-of-sale system.

A source in the FBR tells us that the USC has not registered its POS machines to the FBR’s POS system and continues to collect tax on the customer bills. According to the USC, the Federal Reserve Board (FBR) receives its taxes every year.

The FBR has mandated that Tier One retailers use the POS system, and many USC stores fall into this category.

Although the USC’s Managing Director, Taha Maghribi, is ignorant of the FBR POS connection, he stated that all of the USC stores are linked to the FBR system when asked if they are.

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