UOS E-Rozgar Course Admission 2023 Schedule

The University of Sargodha (UOS) is set to launch its E-Rozgar Courses Admission for the year 2023. The courses, which are designed to equip students with a variety of skills, cover a wide range of short-term programs. These include VA / Office Automation, SEO & Blogging, Web Development / WordPress, UI / UX Design, Social Media Marketing and Advertising, and E-Commerce Amazon Shopify.

The university has released comprehensive updates regarding the SU E-Rozgar Course Admission Schedule 2023. This schedule provides detailed information on course fees and their respective durations, enabling prospective students to make informed decisions about their education.

UOS E-Rozgar Course Admission 2023 Schedule

To secure a place in these courses, candidates are encouraged to submit their application forms by the final deadline of October 20, 2023. The courses are scheduled to commence on October 25, 2023.

As part of the prerequisites for enrollment, candidates should have at least a matriculation level of education or higher. Additionally, their age should not exceed 45 years. This initiative presents a valuable opportunity for individuals seeking to acquire new skills and expertise in the field of E-Rozgar.

The UOS E-Rozgar Course Admission Schedule 2023 is a significant step towards empowering individuals with the necessary skills to navigate the digital world. It is expected to attract a large number of applicants who are eager to enhance their knowledge and skills in these areas.



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