UHS Introduces Pakistan’s First Medico-Legal Certificate Course

The University of Health Sciences (UHS) in Lahore has launched the country’s first-ever certificate program in Medico-legal Examination. This pioneering initiative is designed to enhance the skills, ethical standards, and professionalism of individuals involved in medico-legal practice.

The course focuses on forensic medicine and medical jurisprudence, two fields that play a crucial role in criminal investigations. Doctors who specialize in these areas are often called upon to examine victims of various crimes, including accidents, assaults, and potential homicides. These examinations serve as the initial step in documenting the injuries sustained by the victims.

Pakistan’s First Medico-Legal Certificate Course

The comprehensive training program covers a wide range of subjects, including Toxicology, Traumatology, Autopsy procedures, Medical Law, Ethics, Medico-legal Report Writing, Identification techniques, Sample Handling, Preservation methods, and Electronic Data Management.

To facilitate this program, the Forensic Medicine Department at Jinnah Campus UHS, along with several hospitals including Services Hospital Lahore, Jinnah Hospital Lahore, Lahore General Hospital, and the Punjab Forensic Science Agency PFSA have been selected as training centers.

The Punjab government has set ambitious goals for this initiative, aiming to train 400 individuals over the next two years. Each training batch will consist of 40 candidates per month. Participants will be required to complete logbook assignments and submit portfolios for evaluation as part of the certification examination.

This initiative is expected to significantly bolster the expertise and professionalism within the field of medico-legal examination in Pakistan. It represents a significant step forward in the country’s efforts to improve its criminal justice system and ensure that victims of crime receive the thorough, professional examinations they deserve.

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