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Top 5 Emerging South Asian Startups in 2023

The world of startups is growing huge. Every day we come across emerging startups that are making our world an inch better every single day. Startups can give you an idea about the current consumer market and the relevant services and products ruling the world. 

If you are looking for ideas that can bring newness and pace your way to create a beneficial impact in the consumer market, here are some of the top startups in 2023 to look for. 

1- Airlift Pakistan

Airlift is a recently emerging startup that recently became the talk of the town after they successfully concluded their first round of funding worth $85 million in the south Asian region. Formerly serving as a transit business, the company is all set to serve the e-commerce consumers market. They are serving in eight major cities in Pakistan. No matter if it’s your grocery, medicines, or other goods, Airlift is going to deliver it in 30 minutes. Over time, they plan to extend to electronics and other areas and are all set to rule the e-commerce market. 

2- Healthwire is a digital healthcare startup working on the mission to make health digital and accessible for all. The startup is currently operating in Pakistan and is serving in both B2B and B2C consumer markets. Bringing revolution in healthcare, Healthwire is a SaaS company with Hospital Management Information Software, LIMS, Pharmacy and Practice Management as their prominent products alongside online pharmacy and online doctor consultation. 

The startup is intended to develop a healthcare ecosystem in Pakistan and is serving on different sides. Healthwire is committed to providing a 360-degree healthcare solution catering to consumer and provider requirements under one roof. 

3- Bakeys

Bakeys is an Indian startup intended to minimize the impact of environmental pollution. Bakeys is known to manufacture eco-friendly cutlery. This offers the solution to the harmful side-effects of plastic pollution. Plastic pollution can impact the environment in many ways, and for this reason, eco-friendly products remain quite in demand. Bakeys has taken this initiative to manufacture eco-friendly cutlery made from natural ingredients and flours that are biodegradable and don’t pose any harmful impacts on our environment. 

4- Unacademy 

Unacademy is an Indian startup that initially began its journey as a Youtube channel. This educational technology-based company is worth US$3.44 billion now. This Edtech startup is the largest online education startup initiated by Gaurav Munjal, who came up with the idea after uploading a video of variables on Youtube that got a tremendous response. Years of struggle turned this small startup into India’s most prominent educational startup. Unacademy offers a variety of programs that can help students crack competitive exams. 

5- Byte

Food is another big industry, and we have different food startups that have recently emerged. For example, a byte is a Lahore-based food startup that makes food delivery more convenient and feasible. They have built a consumer-based internet startup building an on-demand platform for good delivery. The byte is all set to impact the consumer market alongside several local players who are already doing well. 

Bottom Line!

Startups have remained in discussion and will continue to do so. Southasian market, in particular, is the hotspot due to the largest consumer market. All these startups and many others are doing quite well and setting up new trends. If you are eager to bring this newness and have the courage, all these startups and many others have set the perfect example. There are lessons hidden in the journeys that merely get highlighted, so make sure to learn from their mistakes to make your energies and investment worth it all.

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