Rs 25000 premium Prize Bond List Draw 11 Sialkot Result 11 September 2023

The results of the 11th draw Rs. 25000 premium prize bond, held in Sialkot on 11th September 2023 have been officially announced. The lucky draw was conducted by the State Bank of Pakistan, and the results can be checked online on the official website or

The premium prize bond scheme is a popular investment option for many in Pakistan, offering an opportunity to win substantial cash prizes. The 11th draw of the Rs. 25000 premium prize bond was eagerly awaited by investors across the country.

The first prize of the Rs. 25000 premium prize bond was awarded to one fortunate winner. The second prize was given to multiple winners, while the third and final prize was distributed among several winners. The exact value of the prizes and the number of winners for each category were not specified in the announcement.

25000 Prize Bond List 2023 draw 11 Result Sialkot 11 September 2023

In addition to the results of the 11th draw, the full denomination list of the Rs. 25000 premium prize bond from the 1st draw to the latest draw can also be accessed online. This allows investors to track the history of the draws and analyze the distribution of prizes.

The Rs. 25000 premium prize bond draw is part of a larger schedule of draws provided by the National Bank of Pakistan. Other upcoming draws include the Rs. 40000 prize bond draw scheduled for 11th September 2023 in Quetta.

Prize bond Premium Rs. 25000 Result 11-09-2023 Draw 11 List Sialkot

Investors are advised to check their results online using their bond numbers. The results of the draw can be downloaded for future reference. The next draw for the Rs. 25000 premium prize bond is expected to take place on 11th December 2023 in Rawalpindi.

The premium prize bond scheme continues to be a significant part of Pakistan’s financial landscape, providing a valuable investment avenue for individuals across the country. The anticipation surrounding each draw reflects the popularity of this investment option.

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Rs. 25000 Premium Prize Bond List 2023

Prize BondRs 25000
Draw CitySialkot
Draw Date11-09-2023
First PrizePKR
Second PrizePKR
Third PrizePKR

Prize Bond Schedule 2023 Pakistan

The updated schedule of prize bond 2023 has already been announced by the Directorate of National Savings. You can download here prize bond schedule for 2023 from January to December 2023.

Rs. 750/January 16, 2023MondayKarachi
Rs. 1500/-February 15, 2023WednesdayQuetta
Rs. 100/-February 15, 2023WednesdayRawalpindi
Rs. 200/-March 15, 2023WednesdayFaisalabad
Rs. 750/-April 17, 2023MondayPeshawar
Rs. 1500/-May 15, 2023MondayLahore
Rs. 100/-May 15, 2023MondayMultan
Rs. 200/-June 15, 2023ThursdayQuetta
Rs. 750/-July 17, 2023MondayRawalpindi
Rs. 1500/-August 15, 2023TuesdayPeshawar
Rs. 100/-August 15, 2023TuesdayKarachi
Rs. 200/-September 15, 2023FridayHyderabad
Rs. 750/-October 16, 2023MondayMuzaffarabad
Rs. 1500/-November 15, 2023WednesdayFaisalabad
Rs. 100/-November 15, 2023WednesdayLahore
Rs. 200/-December 15, 2023FridayMultan

Premium Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2023

DATEDRs 40000 Draw PlaceRs 25000 Draw Place
10-03-2023 FridayMultanHyderabad
12-06-2023 MondayMuzaffarabadFaisalabad
11-09-2023 MondayQuettaSialkot
11-12-2023 MondayKarachiRawalpindi

How to Claim the Prize

Winners of the Rs. 25000 Prize Bond Draw can claim their prizes by providing the original prize bond and a copy of their CNIC to the National Saving Center or the State Bank of Pakistan. It’s important to note that some tax amounts will be deducted from the prize money depending on whether the winner is a filer or a non-filer.

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