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Qatar Ramadan Calendar 2022 – Sehri & Iftar time in Qatar

Qatar Ramadan Calendar 2022 – Today Sehri & Iftar Timing Qatar: Muslims worldwide are preparing to celebrate the holy Ramadan, which is a time of tremendous spiritual contemplation and fasting that occurs each year. The event starts with viewing a new moon, which occurs one night following the new moon.

Today Sehri & Iftar Times In Qatar

City Sehr Iftar
Doha 04:02 AM 05:53 PM
Umm Bab 04:05 AM 05:55 PM
Al Khawr 04:01 AM 05:53 PM
Ar Rayyan 04:02 AM 05:53 PM
Ash Shahaniyah 04:03 AM 05:54 PM
Dukhan 04:05 AM 05:56 PM
Umm Salal Muhammad 04:02 AM 05:53 PM
Al Wakrah 04:02 AM 05:52 PM
Al Wukayr 04:02 AM 05:53 PM

Ramadan Timings 2022 Qatar

The Ramadan calendar and timetable for Qatar have been approved for 2022. The sehri and iftar schedules must be carefully adhered to throughout the month, so each city’s Ramadan calendar differs significantly.

Looking at all these tables will prevent you from getting any uncertainty about the Ramadan 2022 calendar, so this page will be the go-to location for confirming the Ramadan calendar. The Ramadan schedule for Qatar for 2022 is shown above. Along with it all, you could get sehri and iftar schedules for each day based on your location.

Today Sehri & Iftar Times Qatar

Muslims worldwide fast from dawn to dusk; therefore, the times vary significantly from day to day; the number of hours depends on the year. As the month progresses and we move closer to summer, the fasting time will eventually grow this year.

Ramadan is the most beneficial month for Muslims worldwide, as per the Islamic calendar. It is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar and arrives at the end of the Shaban.

The appearance of the new moon determines the fasting period, and it consists of fasting, prayer, introspection, charitable giving, and social actions. People all around the world observe the Roza fast. The holiday lasts 29-30 days and concludes with Eid-ul-Fitr.

Ramadan is an Arabic term ‘ar-ramad,’ which implies sweltering heat. It is said that the teachings of the Quran were given to Muhammad at about this time by the angel Gabriel. The fast is the highest priority for an individual’s spiritual cleansing.

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