Punjab Mazdoor Card Online Apply

First time in Pakistan’s history, a Mazdoor card is being launched by the Punjab government. An honor for the Punjab government is the distribution of Mazdoor cards to working brothers. The PESSI App will be used to apply for the new Mazdoor card, which will cover the whole province of Punjab.

Punjab Mazdoor Card Online Apply

The Punjab Mazdoor Card would guarantee that workers are paid the minimum wage. Up to 30 percent discount on 150 firms’ items will be granted to industrial employees who have labor cards, as well as the housing scheme and fraternity through these cards. Railways, retailers, and private schools will all provide discounts to employees. Health facility cards and labor cards might be linked in a plan.

punjab mazdur card

Punjab Mazdoor Card Features

The ATM, Debit Card, Vault Account, and Identity Code all accept the Mazdoor Card. The worker’s personal and family information will be included on the Punjab Mazdoor Card. The Punjab Mazdoor Card will be accepted at all of Punjab’s social security hospitals and clinics. Government and private hospitals on the panel will also accept the Mazdoor Card. This card offers 11 different ways to get cashback.

Punjab mazdoor card banwane ka instructions. More than 1.1 million workers and their families will benefit from Punjab Bank’s labor card program.

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