Punjab Announces Public Holiday in Lahore

Mohsin Naqvi has officially declared a public holiday in Lahore on September 7th, 2023. The announcement was made during his visit to Data Darbar, one of the oldest Muslim shrines in South Asia. The public holiday is in commemoration of the annual Urs of Data Ganj Bakhsh Syed Ali Hajveri, a significant event that attracts a large number of attendees.

In preparation for the event, the government is taking several measures to ensure the smooth running of the Urs ceremony, which will last three days, beginning on Tuesday. A community kitchen, or langar khana, is being set up to provide food for all attendees. Naqvi emphasized that it is their responsibility to ensure everyone who attends the event has access to food.

Additionally, a special mehfil-e-samaa, a spiritual gathering featuring well-known qawwals, has been planned. Preparations for the Chehlum, processions, and Urs are well underway, according to CM Naqvi.

Addressing concerns about potential traffic congestion due to the large influx of people, Naqvi revealed that a comprehensive traffic management plan is being developed. Parking arrangements will also be made, subject to security clearance, to accommodate the visitors.

The Chief Minister also discussed future plans for Data Darbar, stating that expansion projects for both the shrine and its adjacent mosques are in the pipeline. These developments indicate the government’s commitment to preserving and enhancing the cultural and religious heritage of the region.

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