PU Pharm D Annual Exams 2023 Form Submission Schedule

Punjab University (PU) has recently announced the form submission schedule for the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm D) Annual Exams 2023. This announcement is a significant opportunity for students in their Second, Third, Fourth, and Final Professional years of the Pharm D program to begin their preparations for the annual examinations.

Candidates who are keen to participate in the PU Pharm D Annual Exams 2023 should note down the form submission dates, which run from 17th August 2023 to 25th August 2023. During this period, students can submit their exam forms with a single fee, ensuring a smooth registration process.

Punjab University has also provided a safety net for those who may miss the initial deadline. The university has scheduled a second application form submission period, with a double fee, from 26th August 2023 to 01 September 2023. This extension offers a buffer for candidates who require additional time to finalize their exam preparations.

Punjab University’s commitment to quality education is clearly demonstrated through its well-organized examination procedures. By adhering to the admission application schedule, students can secure their spot for the exams and pave the way for their academic success.

Aspiring pharmacists are urged to take advantage of this opportunity and strictly follow the form submission guidelines. By doing so, they can contribute to their own growth and success while becoming a part of Punjab University’s legacy of producing skilled professionals in the field of pharmacy.

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