PIA Celebrates 76th Independence Day with Special Discounts

As Pakistan gears up to commemorate its 76th year of independence, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has unveiled a special offer for its domestic passengers. The airline announced a 14 percent discount on all domestic flights scheduled for 14 August, the country’s Independence Day.

The announcement was made via Twitter, with a PIA spokesperson describing the offer as a “heartfelt gift” from the national carrier to the people of Pakistan. This gesture is seen as a tribute to the nation’s independence and a way to celebrate this significant milestone.

PIA is also set to mark the occasion by launching Skardu Airport’s first international flight from Dubai on Independence Day. Following the inaugural flight, the airline will operate weekly flights from Dubai to Skardu every Saturday, and return flights from Skardu to Dubai every Tuesday.

The spokesperson further added that the Dubai-Skardu flight will subsequently depart for Islamabad to accommodate the passengers’ needs. This new route follows the launch of direct flights from Karachi to Skardu in June, after the successful initiation of direct flights from Lahore. The first Lahore-Skardu flight took off on 3 June.

Skardu Airport, the only airport in northern Pakistan capable of accommodating large aircraft, has recently been upgraded to ‘international’ status by former Prime Minister, Imran Khan, in December 2021. However, the airport’s full potential was initially hindered due to the lack of a proper refueling facility for international flights. This issue has now been resolved, with the refueling facility slated to open on 11 August, just in time for the airport’s first international flight. This development marks a significant step forward in enhancing the connectivity and accessibility of northern Pakistan.

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