Pakistan’s ODI World Cup 2023 Kit Design Faces Controversy

As the anticipation for the upcoming ODI World Cup 2023 intensifies, a controversy has erupted over Pakistan’s expected kit design. The design was recently unveiled by a sports journalist and has been accused of being stolen and used without giving due credit to the original artist.

The kit design, which was initially lauded for its unique and eye-catching aesthetics, has now become a subject of heated debate on social media platforms. A Twitter user has alleged that the design was not an original creation of the sports page that unveiled it but was instead plagiarized from his friend’s work.

According to the Twitter user, his friend had originally conceptualized the design for a kit concept competition held by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) last year. He claims that the design was lifted without proper acknowledgment or credit given to his friend.

The tweet read, “The design was not shared, it was stolen by @ChangeofPace414 or whoever created it. This design/concept was originally created by my friend @GraphicsGhous_ during last year PCB’s concept kit competition. @_FaridKhan do your research before posting.”

If these allegations are proven true, and the PCB proceeds to use the same design for the World Cup kit, it could face severe backlash for potentially using an artist’s creation without giving them due recognition. The incident has cast a shadow over the excitement surrounding the upcoming ODI World Cup 2023, and it remains to be seen how the PCB will respond to these accusations.

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