Lahore Unveils Traffic Plan for Asia Cup 2023 Matches

In preparation for the upcoming Asia Cup 2023 matches, the Lahore City Traffic Police (CTP) has released a detailed traffic plan to ensure smooth vehicular movement in Punjab’s capital city. The plan outlines designated parking areas, road usage guidelines, and measures to manage VIP movements.

The CTP has identified Government College for Boys, Liberty Parking Area, and Sunfort Hotel as the official parking spots for spectators attending the matches. The department has assured that regular traffic flow on key roads such as Mall Road, Jail Road, and Canal Road will remain unaffected during the match days.

Additionally, the traffic on Main Boulevard Gulberg and Ferozpur Road will continue as usual. However, spectators and residents should anticipate potential disruptions around Kalma Chowk, MM Alam Road, and other roads leading up to and surrounding Gaddafi Stadium, particularly during VIP arrivals and departures.

To maintain order and safety, the department has deployed 1,000 traffic wardens across the city. In an effort to discourage wrong parking, twenty lifters have been stationed at various points on the roads. The CTP has pledged to minimize road closures for VIP movements to avoid causing unnecessary inconvenience to the public.

The authorities have been instructed to assist the general public efficiently and courteously. At the same time, the CTP has appealed to the public to cooperate with the authorities to ensure order and smooth traffic flow in the city during this international sporting event.

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