Pakistan is Getting its First Hybrid Motorcycle

Following a sharp increase in inflation, demand for two-wheelers in Pakistan is on the rise. As a result, bike manufacturers are experimenting with various strategies to capitalize on increased demand as people change to less expensive modes of transportation.

In a recent development, Road King Motorcycles, a local bike manufacturer, is scheduled to debut Pakistan’s first hybrid bike.

While official information is yet unavailable, Horsepower Pakistan reports that the bike features a 70cc engine and is built on a 70cc bike platform.

The main difference is that the bike is powered by both a petrol engine and an electric motor. The motor solely drives the front wheel and serves as a backup to the petrol engine. During a voyage, there is no hybrid motor assistance to speak of.

According to the report, the bike can ride up to 70 kilometers on battery power alone.

This hybrid motorbike was assembled locally from Chinese parts and is not entirely indigenous. According to the report, the bike would cost roughly Rs. 300,000, which is a large figure for an entry-level bike. Other information will be revealed after the official launch.

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