Pakistan Increases Natural Gas Price by 172 Percent

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) Pakistan has announced a substantial increase in natural gas prices for non-protected domestic users. The hike was officially notified on November 8th, 2023.

The revised prices, effective from November 1st, 2023, have been structured based on consumption levels. For instance, consumers using up to 150 hm3 gas per month will now pay Rs1,200 per MMBtu, marking an increase of Rs600. Those consuming 200 hm3 gas will see their tariff rise by Rs800 to Rs1,600 per MMBtu. Furthermore, the price for those consuming up to 400 hm3 gas in a month has been raised to Rs4,000 from the previous Rs3,100 per MMBtu.

There is a distinction between protected and non-protected categories. The protected category includes domestic consumers whose average consumption over the last four winter months (November to February) is below or equal to 0.9 hm3, will pay a fixed charge of Rs400 per MMBtu.

On the other hand, non-protected category consumers will pay a fixed charge of Rs1,000 for up to 1.5 hm3 and Rs2,000 if consumption exceeds 1.5 hm3.

This increase in natural gas prices is expected to impact the daily lives of many Pakistani citizens, particularly those in the non-protected category. It is yet to be seen how this decision will affect the overall economic scenario in the country.

Zeeshan Amhad

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