Pakistan Govt to Sending All Hajj Applicants Without any Balloting

The government will send all Haj applicants to the selected candidates in Result 2023 without balloting.

According to a recent announcement by Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, all 72,869 applicants who submitted their applications for the regular Hajj scheme to the Ministry of Religious Affairs will be able to avail the Hajj.

Despite this year’s Haj quota being set at 44,190, the federal government has taken a historic decision to accept all applications, bypassing the need for a draw.

The decision to send all 72,869 applicants for Hajj without drawing lots was taken on the direction of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and on the recommendation of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, as revealed by Finance Minister Ishaq Dar.

However, the decision also means that the Ministry of Religious Affairs will need additional resources, including foreign exchange, to accommodate the increased number of pilgrims beyond the quota set under the regular scheme. Religious Affairs Minister Mufti Abdul Shakoor said that like the rest of the world, Pakistan is also facing financial challenges.

Additionally, the Ministry of Religious Affairs extended the last date for submission of Hajj applications under the sponsorship scheme to April 7, as per the recent update of March 31. Those interested in applying under the sponsorship scheme are reminded that the deadline is approaching tomorrow.

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