Dpboss Satta Matka Kalyan Result 2 October 2023 – LIVE Updates Today for Kalyan Satta King, Satta Matta Matka 143 Guessing

October 2, 2023 – Dpboss Satta Matka Kalyan results were released, providing live updates for Kalyan Satta King, Satta Matta Matka 143 Guessing, and more. This event is part of a long-standing tradition in India, tracing back to ancient times when gambling was a pastime reserved for royalty.

Historically, games such as Chaupar or Dyut were indulged in by Kings and Maharajas for their entertainment, akin to their passion for hunting. Over time, these games have undergone significant transformations, evolving from a leisurely activity into a substantial source of income that is now accessible online. The allure of these games lies in the possibility of achieving overnight wealth, captivating the interest of the general population.

However, it’s crucial to acknowledge the inherent risks associated with these games. As a responsible news entity, we do not endorse such activities but provide information for those interested in the outcomes.

DpBoss Satta Matka Kalyan Latest Results for 02 October 2023 (LIVE Updates Today)

1MILAN MORNING590-43-44510:15 AM11:15 AM
2SRIDEVI379-95-34811:35 AM12:35 PM
3KALYAN MORNING122-59-13511:00 AM12:02 PM
4PADMAVATI267-57-34011:40 AM12:40 PM
5MADHURI188-76-55611:45 AM12:45 PM
6SRIDEVI MORNING224-89-45009:30 AM10:30 AM
7KUBER MORNING128-16-88010:45 AM11:45 AM
8MAHARANI146-13-59912:15 PM02:15 PM
9MAMA BHANJA330-68-23302:55 PM05:00 PM
10KARNATAKA DAY146-11-57910:00 AM11:00 AM
11TIME BAZAR MORNING229-35-14011:10 AM12:10 PM
12TIME BAZAR150-60-46001:00 PM03:15 PM
13DIAMOND349-60-14501:10 PM02:40 PM
14TARA MUMBAI DAY357-56-46601:35 PM02:35 PM
15MUMBAI DAY [MAIN]235-09-46903:45 PM05:45 PM
16TIME BAZAR DAY167-40-22602:00 PM04:00 PM
17MILAN DAY340-72-12902:15 PM04:15 PM
18MAIN BAZAR DAY189-81-15503:35 PM05:35 PM
19PUNA BAZAR115-76-35801:15 PM03:15 PM
20KALYAN148-39-45004:55 PM06:55 PM
21SRIDEVI NIGHT123-62-13807:00 PM08:00 PM
22DIAMOND NIGHT590-48-13408:00 PM09:00 PM
23MADHURI NIGHT258-59-47806:45 PM07:45 PM
24NIGHT TIME BAZAR780-56-27708:35 PM10:35 PM
25TARA MUMBAI NIGHT599-37-44908:30 PM10:30 PM
26MILAN NIGHT468-80-57809:00 PM11:00 PM
27RAJDHANI NIGHT279-81-24509:35 PM11:50 PM
28MAIN RATAN178-61-13709:55 PM12:05 AM
29MAIN BAZAR269-77-36809:40 PM12:05 AM
30MAHARANI DAY250-73-49005:15 PM07:15 PM
31SRIDEVI DAY148-37-44901:30 PM02:30 PM
32DHANSHREE677-09-56811:20 AM12:20 PM
33SOPHIE DAY448-69-47801:40 PM03:40 PM
34MUMBAI MORNING334-01-13701:30 PM02:30 PM
35KALYAN NIGHT118-09-13509:25 PM11:25 PM
36MAIN MATKA445-309:30 PM12:00 AM
37SHARE BAZAR237-21-34412:30 PM02:30 PM
38MAIN MORNING790-43-12012:05 PM01:30 PM
39GUJRAT580-38-23312:00 PM01:30 PM
40OLD MAIN MUMBAI366-51-67809:30 PM12:05 AM
41RAJLAXMI189-87-12411:05 AM12:05 PM
42MADHUR MORNING190-03-33711:30 AM12:30 PM
43MADHUR DAY267-54-35601:30 PM02:30 PM
44MADHUR NIGHT560-16-35808:30 PM10:30 PM
45SOPHIE NIGHT558-89-18008:40 PM10:40 PM
46KUBER267-52-25502:00 PM03:30 PM
47MAHARANI NIGHT338-47-56610:15 PM12:15 AM
48PADMAVATI NIGHT220-46-15007:45 PM08:45 PM
49JAY SHREE DAY550-09-28911:05 AM12:05 PM
50SRI DHANALAXMI390-25-78012:00 PM01:00 PM
51GOLDEN DAY779-34-78912:00 PM02:00 PM
52MAIN BOMBAY120-35-23009:35 PM12:05 AM
53SUNDAY BAZAR289-93-77912:30 PM02:30 PM
54SUNDAY BAZAR NIGHT240-69-47808:00 PM10:30 PM
55RATAN KHATRI150-62-14710:00 PM12:00 AM
56SRIDEVI [ main ]115-70-19011:35 AM12:35 PM
57SRIDEVI [ main ] NIGHT247-37-12407:35 PM08:35 PM
58SHAGUN DAY560-15-79911:40 AM12:40 PM
59SUPREME DAY367-65-88903:35 PM05:35 PM
60SUPREME NIGHT660-28-56708:45 PM10:45 PM
61GUJRAT NIGHT178-65-35708:30 PM10:00 PM
62TARA340-74-14902:49 PM04:50 PM
63SITA MORNING690-51-34409:45 AM10:45 AM
64PUSHPAVANTI MORNING119-18-56711:05 AM12:05 PM
65SRILAKSHMI346-33-13911:20 AM12:20 PM
66CHANDNI DAY135-93-49003:40 PM05:40 PM
67LAXMI BAZAR460-04-22001:25 PM03:25 PM
68BALAJI170-85-34802:00 PM03:00 PM
69MILAN BAZAR336-23-34603:45 PM05:45 PM
70JANTA BAZAR DAY379-98-46801:15 PM03:15 PM
71JANTA BAZAR NIGHT580-35-36608:45 PM10:45 PM
72SUPER RATAN MORNING668-06-16911:30 AM12:30 PM
73SUPER RATAN DAY570-21-38001:30 PM03:00 PM
74SUPER RATAN NIGHT246-24-13008:30 PM10:30 PM
75MAHARASHTRA230-58-56702:45 PM05:10 PM
76WORLI346-35-15908:30 PM10:30 PM
77WORLI MUMBAI DAY112-42-23701:30 PM02:30 PM
78MAIN MUMBAI RK140-59-18009:35 PM12:02 AM
79WORLI MUMBAI126-97-27809:00 PM11:00 PM
80SITA DAY670-32-24601:45 PM02:45 PM
81PADMAJA DAY700-77-34001:00 PM03:00 PM
82COUNTRY BAZAR478-98-23301:20 PM02:20 PM
83ROSE BAZAR DAY157-37-89002:30 PM05:55 PM
84ROSE BAZAR NIGHT239-41-38009:45 PM12:02 AM
85JANTA MORNING156-29-28901:00 PM02:00 PM
86CENTRAL BOMBAY568-95-15903:00 PM04:00 PM
87TEEN PATTI560-12-23707:45 PM08:45 PM
88SUPER TIME578-00-38912:55 PM01:55 PM
89MAYA BAZAR788-30-47902:45 PM03:45 PM
90BHAGYALAXMI124-76-46612:40 PM01:40 PM
91RATAN DAY189-83-35502:30 PM04:30 PM
92RATAN NIGHT345-29-12608:30 PM10:30 PM
93KAALI256-30-29910:45 PM12:45 AM
94MAIN KALYAN DAY156-29-23401:10 PM03:10 PM
95MAIN BAZAR NIGHT140-51-12809:10 PM10:10 PM
96SAGAR DAY379-98-80001:30 PM03:30 PM
97SAGAR NIGHT134-83-14809:00 PM11:00 PM
98MAIN MUMBAI NIGHT267-59-12609:10 PM11:10 PM
99SUPER MATKA269-70-23505:00 PM07:00 PM
100MAHARAJ TIME180-90-46001:00 PM02:00 PM
101MAHARAJ DAY470-18-22403:00 PM05:00 PM
102MAHARAJ NIGHT569-06-12309:00 PM11:00 PM
103BAZAR DAY179-77-11511:45 AM12:45 PM
104BAZAR NIGHT125-80-57807:30 PM08:30 PM
105VIRA NIGHTComing Soon12:30 PM02:00 PM
106TEEN PATTI OLD478-96-44808:10 PM09:10 PM
107TARA MORNING179-74-68011:15 AM12:15 PM
108RAJDHANI DAY146-14-24803:00 PM05:00 PM
109PUNA NIGHT138-20-13610:30 PM12:30 AM
110KALYAN MARKET NIGHT133-79-14411:00 PM01:00 AM
111TIRUPATI MORNING557-70-11811:25 AM12:25 PM
112TIME NIGHT148-33-49008:15 PM10:15 PM
113BOMBAY RAJSHREE DAY489-12-24601:00 PM03:00 PM
114BOMBAY RAJSHREE NIGHT112-44-25709:00 PM11:00 PM
115MAHAKALI DAY369-89-56811:10 AM12:10 PM
116MAHAKALI NIGHT680-44-35607:00 PM08:00 PM
117MOHINI180-93-34611:00 AM12:30 PM
118MUMBAI STAR389-04-14907:40 PM08:40 PM
119KALYAN DAY456-54-34701:35 PM02:35 PM
120DHAN BAZAR DAY370-01-23612:10 PM02:10 PM
121DHAN BAZAR NIGHT560-17-89007:45 PM08:45 PM
122GOWA235-07-46712:30 PM02:25 PM
123KALYAN BAZAR250-76-79002:10 PM04:10 PM
124MAIN BAZAR MORNING169-61-38011:30 AM01:30 PM
125MAHADEVI144-98-26004:30 PM06:30 PM
126SAIComing Soon05:30 AM05:30 AM
127MAIN GOA DAY349-61-23603:00 PM05:00 PM
128MAIN GOA NIGHT129-26-15009:00 PM11:00 PM
129SUPER TIME BAZAR446-48-47711:25 AM12:25 PM
130KALYAN GOLD180-99-45003:30 PM05:30 PM
131MAIN KALYAN599-38-35009:15 PM11:15 PM
132SITA NIGHT359-79-13506:45 PM07:45 PM
133KAMAL MORNING220-44-35612:10 PM01:10 PM
134KAMAL DAY890-70-24403:40 PM05:40 PM
135KAMAL NIGHT188-73-34608:45 PM10:45 PM
136RAJDHANI SUNDAY569-05-35709:40 PM11:55 PM


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