How To Open State Bank Asaan Mobile Account

How to Create a State Bank Asaan Account 2023: The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has introduced the Asaan Mobile Account (AMA) system, allowing account holders to access banking services via their phones and register branchless banking accounts.

The Asaan Mobile Account (AMA) was launched in collaboration with PTA, branchless banking, and NADRA providers and telecoms companies as part of the NFIS, which aims to make it easier for the general public, particularly the low-income sections, to open branchless accounts online and use currently offered banking services in a quick, easy, and profitable way.

Open State Bank Asaan Mobile Account

The SBP will introduce the Asaan Mobile Account on Monday to allow remote account establishment through branchless banking.

As per a recent central bank report released on Sunday, the SPB will launch a new project, State Bank Asaan Mobile Account, on Monday as part of the NIFS to make remote account registration easier under banking services.

To create a State Bank Asaan Mobile Account, follow the procedures below:

  • To use the Asaan Mobile Bank Account system, dial *2262#.
  • Choose your desired bank from the options. Then, select more to get a list of other banks.
  • Type your CNIC number without any dashes.
  • At the bottom, type the CNIC issue date as it appears on your CNIC.
  • To confirm account authorization, choose ‘Yes.’ The bank will approve the account for payments after validating the user’s credentials via confirmation call or OTP.

State Bank Asaan Mobile Account Services

The Asaan Mobile Account will allow users to open and manage their accounts from the convenience of their own homes without having to contact any of the partnering banking services.

Balance Inquiry
Send Money
Mini Statement
Bill Payment
Change PIN Account
Account Closure

SBP, PTA, NADRA, 13 Branchless Banking Services, all CMOS, and VRG collaborated to create the solution.

For AMA, non-bank services and mobile cellular networks are partnering to build an interoperable infrastructure that would allow any Pakistani to make payments.

To learn more about SBP Asaan Mobile Account Creation, click on the link provided by SBP Bank. Please read the user guide and know the names of other partner banks to learn more about what an Asaan Mobile Account is, how it operates, and what services are available.

SBP Asaan Mobile Account

Who can open Asaan Mobile Account?

Everyone with a registered CNIC can use their mobile phone to create an Asaan Mobile Bank Account at any partner bank. People should use a short code, *2262#, to join the AMA system and perform transactions with their mobile phones without the requirement for internet access.

How to link a bank account with Asaan Mobile Account?

Choose ‘Request to connect existing account’ from the drop-down menu. The user can either create a new account or connect an account number on the system with only one account per user.

How to send money from Asaan Mobile Account?

To activate your Asaan Mobile Account, dial *2262#. Based on the receiver’s bank account, choose Bank.  Choose ‘Receiver Bank’ from the provided list of banks, or click more to see more. Type the receiver’s bank details. Then, fill in the transfer amount. To complete the transaction, type your account bank pin.

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