MG Announces Major Price Hike for HS Essence

MG Pakistan has decided to end its Ramadan Special before Eid by announcing a significant price increase for HS Essence.

The new pricing of MG’s flagship SUV, effective April 18, is as follows:

ModelOld Price (Rs.)New Price (Rs.)Increase (Rs.)
MG HS Essence8,199,0008,699,000500,000

MG decided not to raise the price of the HS Essence last month, despite a major wave of price increases caused by a 7% increase in General Sales Tax (GST) on luxury vehicles and SUVs.

The automaker took a bold but wise decision not to raise the price of its premium SUV, which is likely to have attracted a lot of customers. The MG HS Essence’s month-old pricing of Rs. 8.2 million was much less than that of other vehicles in the same category.

It is worth noting that MG HS continues to have an advantage over its competitors. Kia Sportage is now the only C-Segment SUV that costs less than MG HS. While the latter has a bigger market share, it has far fewer features and luxury than HS.

Competing SUVs in this category are either much more expensive or have fewer features than the HS, giving it an advantage.

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