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As we all know that Rakshabandhan is a sacred festival. This festival is celebrated with great pomp in Hindu culture. On this day, the sisters tie rakhi on the wrist of their beloved brother and take a promise from the brothers to protect him throughout his life. It doesn’t matter how far brother and sister live (who gets the rakhi at home), on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, either the brother comes to tie the rakhi to his sister or the sister comes to tie the rakhi on her beloved brother’s wrist. reaches

If you want to learn how to make rakhi hand made by Khadu to tie on your brother’s wrist then this is what we are going to tell you today. In today’s article, you will know not one but many different ways to make Rakhi. With their help, you can easily learn how to make Rakhi. Come to know how to make rakhi of your favorite design (how to make rakhi at home).

Why Rakhi is made

Raksha Bandhan is also considered a symbol of sisterly love. This festival reminds brothers to support their beloved sisters in good times and bad. The festival of Raksha Bandhan reminds the brother of his duty towards his sisters. No matter how far the sister lives, the brother must go to meet the sister on that day and tie the rakhi.

Do you know that in ancient times there were different types of rakhis? It is said that in ancient times, rakhi was used to make rakhi against diseases. Saffron, sandalwood, roli, rice, and mustard were used to make Raksha Sutra. But nowadays we get new designs of rakhis in the market.

How to Celebrate Raksha Bandhan

On the day of Raksha Bandhan, brothers and sisters worship God and offer him flowers. The sisters then decorate it on a beautiful plate with rolls, rice, sweets, and colorful rakhis. After decorating the thali, and seeing the time to tie the rakhi, the sisters make tilak of roli and rice on their brother’s forehead. Then he made his face sweet and worshiped him. She then ties a beautiful rakhi on her brother’s wrist.

A month before Raksha Bandhan, new designs of Rakhis, flowers and decorations and sweets, etc. are available in the market. People start putting up different types of rakhis outside their shops. Sparkling rakhis for little kids, with stickers of Chhota Bheem, Pokemon, Dore Moon, etc., and for older kids, rakhis with Swastik, and Mera Bhai names are selling well.

How to Make Rakhi at Home

So there are many types of rakhis available in the market but if sisters make rakhis for their brothers with their own hands then this day becomes more special for their brothers. You can make a rakhi of your desired design at home and then tie it on your brother’s wrist on Raksha Bandhan day, then see how happy your brother will be and also give you your desired reward.

If you are thinking of making rakhi at home then today in this article we will tell you some ways to make rakhi by which you will be able to make beautiful rakhi like a bazaar in less time. If you want, by adopting this method you can make many different designs and distribute them to your family and friends or you can sell them in the market. You can earn a lot from it.

To make a rakhi first you need to choose a design. Although there are many ways and designs to make rakhi, it depends on you what kind of decoration you like rakhi with stone design, rakhi with Gota Patti design, rakhi with sticker, etc.

Also, the time it takes to make a rakhi also depends on your effort and the design you like. Because many rakhi designs are very simple and are made very quickly but some rakhi designs are so big and exquisite that they take more time to make.

Rakhi Making Ingredients

To make rakhi at home you will need a silk cord, sponge, zari thread, colored cotton balls, colored paper, stones, stickers, gum, or favicol. You may also need many other types of materials to make this kind of rakhi. All these materials will depend on the design of Rakhi making etc.

So according to the type of rakhi you are going to make, collect the rakhi items accordingly. You will also need the right accessories to make the right rakhi. However, with the things we have told you above, you can make simple or homemade rakhi.

How to make rakhi with swastika

Rakhi with a swastika is easy to make and looks very beautiful. You can also make rakhis with the design of the Ganesha Ji idol etc. This rakhi also does not spoil quickly as it does not require much decoration. This rakhi design also takes less time to make.

To make it, you can buy a swastika or symbol of your desired design and different types of silk thread from the market. After that, if you want to glue the swastika directly on these silk threads or to make it more beautiful join 2-3 color silk threads together and then glue the swastika on it. to give. This will make your rakhi look more beautiful.

How to make sticker rakhi

If your brother is younger and likes cartoons like Chhota Bheem, Pokemon, Doraemon Shinchan, etc. then you can also make sticker rakhi for him. To make it you will need any cartoon sticker, sponge, and silk thread. First, you cut the sponge into a round shape and then stick the sticker on it. Then stick the silk thread on it with the help of glue. Prepare Rakhi with your desired sticker.

If you want, you can put a bulb in it to make it look better, so that it lights up when you press a button. Your little brother will definitely love this rakhi. He will be very happy wearing it and will happily show it to others.

How to make flower rakhi

Flower rakhi is very easy to make and attractive to look at. These rakhis are made very quickly and after making they look like market rakhis. So you can make this rakhi at your home. Believe me, your brother will be very happy to wear it too.

To make it you can make paper flowers at home or buy flowers from the market. To make flowers at home, you take shiny paper and roll it round and make flowers, keeping in mind that the flowers are of different sizes and colors. Then glue the flowers you have made on the silk thread on top of each other. And stone sticking designs can be done on both sides of the flower. This will make your rakhi look very colorful.

How to make cotton rakhi

Cotton design rakhis are very soft and do not sting the wrist in summer. If you are making rakhi for the first time, you can start with cotton rakhi. Making this rakhi will be easy and your brother’s earnings will also improve.

To make it you buy colored cotton balls from the market. Now glue 3 different colored cotton balls on the silk thread. Now stick bright yellow stars, stones, etc on it for decoration. Focus on making different types of designs on all three balls, only then the rakhi will look beautiful.

You can use 1 or 5 cotton balls instead of 3 if you want. But keep one thing in mind that apply cotton balls according to your brother’s wrist. If your brother has small wrists, add only 1 or 3 cotton balls of small size. Applying more cotton balls will make the hand look fuller and less beautiful.

How to Make Rakhi Name “My Brother”

If you want, you can also make custom rakhis for your brother like “Mira Bhai”, “Veera”, and “Natakhat Gopal”. Rakhis with this type of design are very much in trend. If you want, you can also make rakhi in your brother’s name.

To make it you cut a wooden ply into a rectangular shape. Now write your brother’s name “Mera Veera”, “Mera Bhai” etc. on the glitter and place stones for decoration. Your brother will not be able to wear this rakhi and will happily show it to his friends and acquaintances. So if you make this rakhi at your home it will be great.

How to Make Smiley Rakhi

To make a smiley rakhi, first, tie two colored silk threads like a braid. Neatly stretch the bright zari thread to close its two ends. This will prevent the threads from coming out of your rakhi. Now paste a thin layer of sponge on the formed base.

Now stick a cotton-colored ball on it with the help of glue. Now make a smiley on the ball with the help of stones. Ready smiley rakhi to adorn your beloved brother’s wrist A smiley rakhi will send a message to your brother that he should smile like this and be always happy.

How to make Silver Rakhi

Silver rakhis look very beautiful. To make such a rakhi, buy flowers made of aluminum and silk thread from the market. In the market, you will find flowers cast in aluminum or brass molds, coated with silver water. Knead them with the help of silk thread. Prepare your silver rakhi.

This rakhi will also look a little heavier and look different from the rest. So you can also tie a silver rakhi on your brother’s wrist. This will give it a marketable look and he won’t know if it’s shop-bought or made by you at home. So you tie rakhi to her first and then see her reaction.

How to make Clay Rakhi

By the way, small children play with clay a lot. They will also enjoy making clay rakhis. To make it you first take a thick silk thread, or two fine threads and twist them and glue them together. Now make your desired shape with the help of clay like a peacock feather, flower, matki and flute, star, smiley, etc, and stick it.

Now decorate it by putting stones on it, and put beads on both sides of the rakhi so that nothing comes out. This rakhi is very much in trend due to natural reasons and everyone likes it very much. So you can also tie a mud rakhi on your brother’s wrist on this Raksha Bandhan.

Benefits of Making Rakhi at Home

There are many benefits of making rakhi at home. In a way, making rakhi at home will not only save you but also help in increasing your productivity. Let’s know what are the benefits of making rakhi at home.

  • The first and foremost benefit will be that you will save money. That is to say, very expensive rakhis are seen in the market nowadays. In such a situation, all sisters are unable to buy rakhi according to their brother’s choice. So you can save money by making rakhi at your home.
  • Another great advantage of making rakhi at home is that you can make rakhi according to your brother’s choice. Now, what kind of rakhi does one’s brother like more, so how can one? In such a situation, it is not unreasonable that you find your brother’s favorite rakhi in the market. So why not make your favorite rakhi at home?
  • The third biggest benefit of making rakhi at home is that your brother will feel a sense of belonging. Any sister can wear a rakhi for her brother by buying a rakhi from the market, while any sister will wear a rakhi made by her own hands for her brother. In such a case, your brother will be very happy when he gets to know that his sister has made the rakhi on his wrist.
  • There are many other benefits of making rakhi. That is, it will give you an opportunity to realize your creativity. That is to say if your handmade rakhi turns out well, why not give it a business opportunity? You can also sell your handmade ruqyah and earn a lot of money from it.
  • Another benefit of making rakhi is that it will help you recognize your craft. In a way, many ideas will come to your mind and you will be able to give them a new shape. Not only will this give you a chance to learn more about yourself, but you can also give them a new look.

How to Make Rakhi at Home – FAQs

Question: What is required to make Rakhi?

Answer: Colored paper, silk threads, stones, pearls, etc. are used to make rakhi.

Question: How is rakhi made for Raksha Bandhan?

Answer: To make rakhi for Raksha Bandhan, you should follow the methods we mentioned above.

Question: How is rakhi made by hand?

Answer: Making rakhi by hand is very easy, you just need to follow the above-mentioned methods.

Question: Which thread is used for Rakhi?

Answer: Silk or zari thread is used for rakhi.

So these were some ways by which you can make rakhi for your brother at your home. So today you have come to know the ways in which you can make different types of rakhis at home, how to keep their designs, and also what benefits you can get according to the latest designs in the market. are by making them.

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