Lahore’s Private Schools Announces New Timings

Private schools in Lahore have announced changes to their operational hours. This strategic move is a testament to the administration’s proactive approach toward enhancing the educational experience for both students and educators.

The new schedule dictates that girls’ private schools will now conclude their daily sessions at 12:45 PM, while boys’ schools will wrap up at 1:00 PM. This harmonization of timings is designed to streamline the academic process and bolster overall efficiency.

The revised schedule was officially communicated through a directive issued by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Education Lahore. The directive is applicable to all private educational institutions across the city, marking a city-wide transformation in the education sector.

Adding a unique twist to the weekly schedule, all schools are set to close at 11:30 a.m. on Fridays. This adjustment caters to diverse school calendars, offering a standardized break as the school week draws to a close.

Pervez Akhtar, the CEO of Education Lahore, underscored the importance of this change, particularly in light of the approaching winter season. During these colder months, all private schools are expected to diligently implement the new timings. The CEO emphasized the necessity for educational institutions to demonstrate a strong commitment to upholding the revised schedule.

This strategic change in school timings is expected to bring about a positive impact on Lahore’s education scene, fostering an environment that promotes efficiency and adaptability.

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