Kia Motors Announces Price Hike for Select Models

Lucky Motor Corporation Limited (LMCL), the company responsible for the distribution of Kia vehicles, has announced a price increase for several popular models. The affected models include the Picanto Automatic, Stonic EX+, Sportage AWD, and the limited edition Sportage Black. The company has not provided any specific reasons for this price hike.

The new prices, which came into effect on September 6, are as follows: The Picanto Automatic, previously priced at Rs. 3,825,000, will now cost Rs. 3,950,000, marking an increase of Rs. 125,000. The Stonic EX+ has seen a rise from Rs. 6,050,000 to Rs. 6,280,000, an increase of Rs. 230,000. The Sportage AWD, previously priced at Rs. 8,820,000, is now Rs. 8,920,000, reflecting a modest increase of Rs. 100,000. Lastly, the Sportage Black ‘Limited Edition’ has experienced the most significant increase, with its price jumping from Rs. 9,300,000 to Rs. 9,650,000, a rise of Rs. 350,000.

ModelsOld Prices (Rs.)New Prices (Rs.)Increase (Rs.)
Picanto Automatic3,825,0003,950,000125,000
Stonic EX+6,050,0006,280,000230,000
Sportage AWD8,820,0008,920,000100,000
Sportage Black ‘Limited Edition’9,300,0009,650,000350,000

This marks the second time in two months that LMCL has raised the prices of these models. Interestingly, the Sportage AWD has seen the smallest increase compared to the other models. It’s also worth noting that unlike the previous price hike, not all cars in the company’s lineup have been affected this time.

Despite the ongoing economic challenges in Pakistan, which have significantly impacted the auto industry, Kia’s sales saw a slight increase in June. However, this was not substantial enough to make a significant difference in the company’s overall performance. Like many automakers in the country, Kia is navigating through these tough times, trying to maintain its foothold in the market.

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