Karachi University Faculty Announces Strike Over Administrative and Financial Issues

The Karachi University Teachers Society (KUTS) has declared an indefinite strike, effective immediately, in response to severe administrative and financial issues that are crippling the institution. The announcement was made by KUTS Secretary Dr. Faizan-ul-Hassan Naqvi, who stated that the strike would continue until their concerns were adequately addressed.

One of the main grievances raised by the faculty is the non-approval of the university’s budget for the past four years. This lack of financial support has had a significant negative impact on the quality of academic and research activities within the institution.

In addition to this, teachers involved in evening programs have reportedly not received their arrears for over a year. Permanent faculty members have also allegedly not received the salary increments promised in the provincial government’s budget, which was announced four months prior.

Another point of contention is the hiring of visiting faculty at a rate of Rs. 600 per lecture, which after deductions, amounts to a mere Rs. 480. Even this reduced payment is reportedly not being disbursed as expected.

The deteriorating state of the university’s infrastructure was also highlighted, indicating possible administrative mismanagement. This situation has led to a trend where students are increasingly opting for private universities due to the persistent issues plaguing the public sector.

In response to these issues, the KUTS convened a general body meeting, during which a resolution was passed to boycott all academic activities at the university until further notice. The meeting also extended support to the ongoing strike by teachers in the evening program, which commenced on September 14th.

To seek resolution, the KUTS has called upon the Sindh governor and the chief minister to take notice of the crises and establish a commission to investigate their underlying causes. As the strike continues, the future of academic activities at Karachi University remains uncertain.


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