IBCC Document Attestation Online Portal

The Inter Boards Coordination Committee (IBCC) has announced the launch of its Document Attestation Online Portal. This new system became mandatory for all students on September 25, 2023, and allows candidates to submit their application forms online for document attestation.

The IBCC’s move towards digitalization aims to streamline the process of document attestation, making it more efficient and accessible for students across the country. The online portal will enable students to have their documents attested on a predetermined date through the online application.

For those who wish to book an appointment or send their application forms via courier, can visit the official IBCC website to understand the procedure for document attestation. The website provides comprehensive information on how to use the online portal, ensuring that students can navigate the system with ease.

IBCC Document Attestation Online Portal

This initiative by the IBCC is a significant step towards modernizing and improving the educational infrastructure in Pakistan. By moving the document attestation process online, the IBCC is not only making the process more convenient for students but also ensuring a more transparent and accountable system.

The IBCC Document Attestation Online Portal is now live and ready for use. Students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the new system and start using it for their document attestation needs.



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