Hyundai Announces Price Reductions, Cuts Car Prices by up to Rs350,000

Hyundai Nishat Motor (Pvt.) Limited has announced a reduction in the prices of its cars. The company has slashed prices by up to Rs350,000, making its already popular range of vehicles even more attractive.

This price reduction comes as the rupee has made substantial gains against the US dollar. Hyundai has decided to pass on these benefits to its loyal customers, lowering the prices of its cars as a token of appreciation for their continued support.

The company has urged customers to take advantage of this excellent opportunity, especially given the current economic fluctuations. The new Ex-factory prices are effective immediately, allowing customers to explore and choose from their preferred Hyundai models at reduced prices.

Model  Old Prices Current Prices Difference
ELANTRA 1.66,599,0006,399,000200,000
ELANTRA 2.07,130,0006,930,000200,000
TUCSON GLS7,365,0007,165,000200,000
TUCSON GLS SPORT8,230,0008,030,000200,000
TUCSON ULTIMATE8,859,0008,659,000200,000
SONATA 2.010,329,0009,979,000350,000
SONATA 2.511,280,00010,930,000350,000
PORTER HIGH DECK3,829,0003,729,000100,000
PORTER FLAT DECK3,809,0003,709,000100,000
PORTER DECK LESS3,789,0003,689,000100,000
PORTER HIGH DECK WITH AC3,939,0003,839,000100,000
PORTER FLAT DECK WITH AC3,919,0003,819,000100,000
PORTER DECKLESS WITH AC3,899,0003,799,000100,000

This move by Hyundai Nishat Motor (Pvt.) Limited is expected to boost sales and further strengthen the company’s position in the market. It also reflects the company’s commitment to providing value to its customers, reinforcing its reputation as a customer-centric organization.

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